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I have a 1987 Chevy Chinook van-type motorhome. It has a ...

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I have a 1987 Chevy Chinook van-type motorhome. It has a leak around the differential housing. I have been told that the leak's source is on the left side of the axel tube. I can't see the source of the leak, probably because it is covered by the differential housing arm. I was told that it would cost $2000 plus to repair this because there were no seals that could be replaced, just one complete unit. So I want to find out if I was given the correct info, and if so, my question is, "why couldn't the area around the differential arm be welded so that the leak would not occur?"
There are a couple different ways you can go here. One is to replace the complete rearend. Which $2000.00 is probably about right. The other is to just replace the housing. If you don't have any gear problems you can just replace the housing at about half the cost. The third is to weld the area that is leaking. Most places will not guarantee this, but it shouldn't cost alot to do this and if it holds great and if not, you are really not out alot of money. Myself i would try welding it first. If you go to a welding shop instead of a car repair shop you will get a more experianced welder that would do a good job and it would most likely last a long time.

Hope this helps....
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Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Dean's Post: Am I correct in assuming that the differential housing can be separated from the axle tube so that welding can take place? Or are you suggesting that the weld be done where the axle tube goes into the housing (sealing the axle tube to the housing).
Myself, I would weld it sealing the axle tube to the housing. If it doesn't work you are not out anything other than the weld.