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What does D 3 2 1 mean on an automatic car

Customer Question

On my Grand Am, I have d for drive, and 3 is for ?, 2 ? 1?
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Lurch replied 11 years ago.
Your Transmission is a 3 Speed with Overdrive ( some call it 4 Speed)
If you were to move the Shifter to 1, that would be 1st Gear. This gear usually only allows the vehicle to go apprx. 20-30MPH, before it requires the next Gear.(2nd)
2nd Gear allows the vehicle to go apprx. 30 - 50MPH, before it requires the next Gear. (3rd)
3rd Gear allows the vehicle to go apprx. 50 - 80MPH, before it requires the next Gear. (4th / Overdrive)
Usually in D (drive ),at a Stop, the Transmission will start in 2nd and go thru the gears automatically until speed is reached and the Transmission is in 4th / Overdrive.
When Changing Gear Selector into Lower Gears, the Lower Gears will only work when the proper Speed for that gear is attained