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Idiot..rear door..I parked my car at a mall to get a car video..guys

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Hi, I feel like an idiot writing this but.....I recently scratched my car, lower part of rear door. I parked my car at a mall to get a car video and when I got back, a couple of guys said they could fix that for me for about $500. I had recently been told it would cost me up to $1200 or so. They explained they worked at a garage and that they fixed this kind of damage on the side for extra cash, blah, blah. They showed me a card of where they worked and offered to give me a free demo, work on a little bit of the dent, to see that they could do this. I told them I would be back in a sec, I went to get some water from the store. When I came back they had drilled some kind of hole in my door and were inserting a tool that seemed to pull the dent out...I was scared out of my mind! There was now a hole in my car.....I figured there was no turning back and they did the job. This morning when I looked at my car, I noticed that through the paint they put on I could see where they had sanded the filler, it looks like thin scratches through the paint, and the paint they sprayed on wasn't as shiny as the rest of the car. What the heck do I do now? Thanks, Vicky
Did you give them permission to perform any work?The way you explained it,it sounds like you did not.If you did and you are not happy with the work,you really don't have a leg to stand on,unless they are a licensed repair outfit.They gave you a business card correct?If so,you can proceed in a civil lawsuit.I would give them the opportunity to finish the job they started correctly(Free) of coarse,as agreed.If they do not comply,you can report them to the BBB (Yellow Pages)or and try to mediate an amicable resolution to the problem (BBB has their own mediators)and they help for free and can advise you on your rights and how to proceed.If you did not give them permission,you can just contact a lawyer right away and sue them for damages.You will need about 3 estimates for repair from body shops if you go that route.It sounds like they performed the correct procedure to pull the dent but failed to prep,fill,sand and re-paint it properly.It must have been a big dent because all you need is a suction cup to pull small ones.
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