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ERIC KOHNKE, Auto Mechanic
Category: Car
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Experience:  Have worked on this exact vehicle and similar issue before.
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bog down..high rpms..changed the carburetor and fuel filter..flooding

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What could cause a carbureted engine to skip or bog down at high RPM's. I have changed the carburetor and fuel filter. It feels like it is skipping, missing, or flooding out.
The rich and lean adjustment is what you are going to want to check it out. If its getting to much fuel it will flood out as you said, and if its running to lean then it will give you a raspy like sound not quite getting enough fuel to run that high of RPMs. THanks for the question and please remember the experts do not get paid unless you select accept.
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to ERIC KOHNKE's Post: Eric, Since I replaced the Rochester Carb that was on it, which was dumping fuel into to engine, it runs much better. But still some hesitation and "cut out" at high RPM's. Would the rich lean adjustment on a brand new Edelbrock carb be the next way to go, or could it be a fuel pump/plug wire/plug issue?
If the carb was not properly tuned on the vehicle you would notice problems at higher rpms with it running to rich or lean. However a dirty plug or poor conection with a wire could cause one cylinder to not be firing as well as the other causing a similar affect. And as you said a fuel filter or pump could cause poor fuel delivery causing it to not get enough gas at higher rpms. I would start with the carb, and pcheck the plugs, you have already noticed a difference with swapping them try adjusting the rich and lean and go from there. Thanks for the question.
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