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how to calculate wear and tear on car driving 30 miles ...

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how to calculate wear and tear on car driving 30 miles per day vs 15 miles per day

Optional Information:
2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee V6

The average miles driven per year is presently 12-15,000 annually and at 30 miles per day X 365 = 10,950 which is below the average and if you reduce that figure to 15 miles per day it once again will be far below the average at 5,475 miles per year. These figures are based on a 365 day schedule.

In either case the maintenance cost is reduced based on the typical oil change being performed every 4,000 miles, ruling out any unscheduled repair cost.

The only other way to look at this is to use the standard reimbrursement cost which includes:

  • Maintenance
  • Fuel
  • Tires
  • Insurance

Thae average cost is approximately .030 per mile throught most companies and fleet operations. This figure may vary according the geographical area, plus or minus .010


Maybe we just missed each other online. The people on this site work very hard to give a reasonable response and help when you need it. Our ratings are affected when you don't reply or request further help. I took the time to evaluate your question and answer, please respond with an Acceptance.

As stated, maintenance cost will vary according the driving conditions and the geographical area plus weather conditions. The information you received is based on an average. I did mean to say thirty-cents per mile not three-cents.

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