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Andrew Michalik
Andrew Michalik, Automotive Technology Teacher
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2001 chevy venture: van (74,000 miles)..tranny..burnt

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I have a 2001 chevy venture van (74,000 miles). There is a whine from the tranny (4T60E). The fluid is brown and smells burnt. I have towed a small pop-up camper with this vehicle.
Error codes on the onboard diagnostics are 1189 TCC lockup, 1811 Max adapt long shift, 0742 Oil pressure switch. Lost power to drive train once after a long downhill coast. The vehicle was in Overdrive. Check engine light came on. Down shifted to third and was able to get home.
Drove car later, check engine light went out, whinning noise abated somewhat and vehicle appeared to shift ok. Took it to the dealer to have it looked at, and that is where the error codes came from. Can I recover with a power flush and filter change or do you think that the tranny should be rebuilt/swapped out?Optional Information: 2001 Chevrolet venture 3.1Already Tried: OBD test only, dealer interpretation of results
Ok here is the deal , dont tow in overdrive next if you have codes like that it is possible that they were set mainly because the computer and you wanted two differnt things, what i mean is the tcc code the torque converter probably could not stay locked up because is is so small in that transmision application, along with that once it got hot it set that code, the long shift and oil pressure hopfully were set because of the same thing, it is very hard on those smaller transmisions to tow, if you want to do that agaain install an aftermarket transmision cooler. I would change the fluid and filter YES, then im guessing the transmision guy Reset the Code? if not have that done after the trans service that should take care of the problem. If not then you most likley will need a new converter about 300. and possibly the clutches replaced that work 4th gear.
Try the fluid and filter and re set codes
Andrew Michalik, Automotive Technology Teacher
Category: Car
Satisfied Customers: 18
Experience: I have Extensive Repair Back Ground
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Customer: replied 11 years ago.
What causes the whinning noise? Will it go away with the fluid and flush?
You don't have a 4t60e transmission you have a 4t65e.Your codes are from a bad pressure control selonoid under the side cover of the transmission.Check the torque signal regulator valve while your are ibn there it's behind the pressure control solenoid.If you didn't burn up the clutches yet you may be able to save it with a $40 solenoid.I can't see your fluid so I can't form a better opinion.
If you have a winning noise that is still present their is a bearing in the side case on that trans that may have been hurt when it got hot, also the fluid pressure pumps in those trans are very tempremental you may have torn up the pump in the trans, goes the noise get louder as you reve the enigine or is it always about the same. Also the 4t60 and 65's are basiclly the same.
They are not the same a 4t60e uses a vacuum modulator and a 4t65e uses a pressure control solenoid.Everything in a 4t65e is controlled electrically and not so in a 4t60e.There is also a bulletin on the specific complaint that as been listed.The whining could be from some damage internally or from the fact that when you have a P1811 stored the transmission defaults to maximum line pressure in an attempt to keep damage to a minimum.That can cause a whining or buzzing type noise to come from the pump.I do these every day I have one apart on my bench right now so this is not a wanna be technician guess I'm just tossing out here.By the way a P1811 isn't even a valid code on a 4t60e it doesn't exist on them.P0742 will set if you have a rapid fluctuation in line pressure.What would cause a rapid fluctuation in line pressure a bad pressure control solenoid.If this has helped you please click on MY accept button.