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1995 Dodge Neon: the blower motor..rain storm..leak..resevoir

Customer Question

My 1995 Dodge Neon is leaking into the blower motor and onto the floor after a good rain storm. I have cleared what I thought would be damning up the drains but it still seems to leak a little around left turns only. Is there a resevoir or drain that I don't know about that could be plugged up?
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Brian W. replied 11 years ago.
There is a drain for this unit located at the firewall. First probe the hole with a pencil to free up possible debris. I hope this helped if so please accept.

SUBJECT: Water Leaks Into Passenger Compartment Under I/P By A/C Drain

DATE: Nov. 22, 1996


Water leaks into passenger compartment from under the right side of the instrument panel.


Raise the vehicle on a hoist to allow access to the A/C condensate drain tube. The condensate drain tube should be pointing down toward the ground. If the tube is pointing elsewhere or if there are signs of moisture up near the A/C evaporator nipple, perform the Repair Procedure.


RTV Sealant


This bulletin involves the positioning of the A/C condensate drain tube and sealing between the drain tube and A/C evaporator drain nipple.

  1. Remove the drain tube from the A/C evaporator nipple. Figure 1
  2. Dry any moisture present and apply RTV (P/N 82300234) around the sealing diameter of the drain tube.
  3. Install the drain tube onto the evaporator nipple. Insure the drain tube is pointing down toward the ground.