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Hammer Time
Hammer Time, L1 Master Technician
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Ford crown victoria: the factory code..door locks..2003 Ford

Customer Question

how to find the factory code to ford crown victoria door locks. and reset

Optional Information: 2003 Ford crown victoria
Already Tried:
holding the 1-2 button for 3 sec. to reset to factory code. I used the numbers on the sticker in the trunk upper left hand corner. For some reason this dosen't work.
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Hammer Time replied 11 years ago.

  1. Enter the permanent factory keyless entry keypad code.
  2. Press the 1/2 button within five seconds to activate the programming mode. Holding the 1/2 button for more than two seconds after activation will erase the stored customer code. The door locks will lock, then unlock, confirming the code is erased. The existing code will not need to be erased to program a new code.
  3. Within five seconds , enter the new five-digit keyless entry keypad code. The door locks will lock and unlock to confirm the new code is programmed.

You used to be able to get the code off the keyless entry module but now they use a driver's door module and it's inside the drivers door. I believe now the code is programmed into the format and only accessable through a factory star tester. You can't even remove that module without uploading the program first.

Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Hammer Time's Post: I can't find a 5 digit number.
Expert:  Hammer Time replied 11 years ago.
I just told you that you probably won't find it. Your going to have to go to the dealer. They are the only ones with the equipment to read the code from the computer.