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Category: Car
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Experience:  ASE Master 25 years experience, Ford Trans Tech/SMT, Toyota, Mitsubishi,Hyundai Tech.
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1989 ford crown victoria: you have to remove the tank..fuel pump

Customer Question

do you have to remove the tank on a 1989 ford crown victoria to put in the fuel pump?
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Gene replied 11 years ago.
No.The fuel pump sits on the side of the pump about halfway down. It will make a big mess if it has more than half a tank if you pull the pump out. Tank fuel level needs to be drained if it is higher than halfway. it has 2 fuel lines that will need to be popped off using a special fuel line tool and one large electrical connector. Once removed,it has a large steel ring that holds the pump in place,Using a BRASS hammer and punch,tap on the locking ring counterclockwise to remove the lock ring.Remove the pump by turning it to clear the pickup and sender arm. Replace the o-ring for the pump,hold it place with some grease or vaseline. Reverse proceedure to install.