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How to replace passenger window motor in 1990 dodge ram pickup?

Customer Question

how to replace passenger window motor in 1990 dodge ram pickup?
Submitted: 12 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Tech501 replied 12 years ago.


See Figures 1 and 2

  1. Remove the door trim panel.

  2. For 1989-93 Pick-ups and all Dakota models, lower the glass fully.

  3. For 1994-96 Pick-ups, raise the glass fully, or remove it.

Click image to see an enlarged view
Fig. 1: View of the common power window regulator assembly

  1. On models with stereo, remove the lower trim panel and speaker.

Click image to see an enlarged view
Fig. 2: View of the door glass window regulator assembly-1994-96 Pick-ups

  1. Remove the down stop bumper bracket.

  2. On models with a stationary glass panel in the door, remove the panel as follows:

    1. Remove the division channel attaching screws and remove the channel.

    2. Move the glass and weatherstripping forward and out of the opening.

  3. Remove the inner weatherstripping.

  4. Pull back the upper glass run 8-10 in. (203-254mm) and remove the upper and lower vent window attaching screws.

  5. Remove the vent window.

  6. Lower the glass fully.

  7. Slide the window glass forward off the regulator arms and remove the glass from the door.

  8. Drill out the regulator mounting rivets and remove the regulator assembly from the door.

To install:

  1. Position the regulator in the door.

  2. Using 1/4-20 screws and nuts in place of the rivets, tighten the regulator mounting screws to 90 inch lbs. (10 Nm).

  3. Slide the glass onto the regulator arms and into the rear glass run.

  4. Install the plastic nut and U-nut on the vent window assembly.

  5. Install the vent window assembly into the door.

  6. Install the upper and lower vent window attaching screws. Don't tighten them yet.

  7. Move the glass run back to the vent window by placing the run adjacent to the door channel and pressing it into the channel using a wide-bladed chisel or similar tool. Press in both corners to insure the hidden lip engages the channel.

  8. Install the inner weatherstripping.

  9. Raise or lower the vent window to maintain a 0.06 in. (1.6mm) fore-aft glass free-play. Then, with the glass up, tighten the upper screws.

  10. Hold the vent against the glass, with the glass down, and tighten the lower screws.

  11. On models with a stationary glass panel:

    1. Position the glass and weatherstripping in the window opening and insert it into the upper frame.

    2. Insert the division channel run into the channel.

    3. With the door glass in the down position, insert the division channel in the door and move it firmly against the stationary glass weatherstripping.

    4. Install, but don't tighten, the upper and lower attaching screws.

    5. Adjust the door glass in the channel.

    6. Tighten the channel against the stationary glass and check for a good seal.

  12. Raise the door glass to the full up position.

  13. Install the down stop bumper.

  14. Install the stereo speaker and lower trim.

  15. Install the watershield and door trim panel.



  1. Remove the window regulator. For more details, refer to the window regulator procedure in this section.

  2. Remove the electric motor mounting screws, then extract the motor from the door.

To install:

  1. Position the window motor into the door, then secure it in place with the mounting screws.

  2. Install the window regulator.