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1997 dodge neon: wrecked..the collision fuel shut off is

Customer Question

I have a 1997 dodge neon that was wrecked and I need to know where the collision fuel shut off is and how to fix it? Thank you
Submitted: 12 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Tech501 replied 12 years ago.
 It will be in the trunk or hatch area on the side behind the trim.
Customer: replied 12 years ago.
Reply to Tech501's Post: Sorry but there is nothing in the trunk or in the car at all.   I already new to look there. I know that it is somewhere on my fuel sendig unit. But thanks for trying
Expert:  Tech501 replied 12 years ago.

 I don't know what I was thinking. That car doesn't even have one.  

Collisions usually damage the pump internally. If it's getting power and ground to the pump module. Replace the pump.

Customer: replied 12 years ago.
Reply to Tech501's Post: Sorry wronge again. It has a 360 roll over fuel shut off. and it is somewhere on the sending unit. Atleast that is what dodge customer sevice told me but they only knew that it did have one but they could not tell me over the phone where it was for sure with out me seeing the picture they had in there book. Or how to replace it but they told me for sure it had one. Bye the way I do work on car I build show cars And I know the regular stuff to look for been there done that already. I am glad you are trying to help me but I really need someone that for sure knows about this or that has ways to find out for sure. Don't get me wronge I thank you for trying I guess I will have to just go buy a complete repair book for my car. I just hoped someone might know so I did not have to buy a $50.00 book for a car that I want to fix and sell.   But again thank you for trying.
Expert:  jon_050 replied 12 years ago.
 Are you saying you don't know where the sending unit is?
Expert:  Tech501 replied 12 years ago.

 Look, my original mistake was not paying close enough attention to you question. When I read what you were looking for I immediatly assumed you were looking for the Inertia switch on a Ford since Ford is the ONLY manufacturer that uses any type of external fuel cut off. Only later did I reread your question and realize you were asking about a Crysler product that doesn't even use one. Believe me, I troubleshoot these fuel systems all the time and I assure you there is nothing in the system outside of the pump itself. The only roll over protection in that vehicle is a tennis ball in the filler pipe to prevent spills. Here is the schematic to prove what I'm telling you. The fuel pump circuit is in the lower right of the picture. The pump is what gets damaged in a collision and that's what needs to be replaced if you have no fuel pressure.


Customer: replied 12 years ago.
Reply to Tech501's Post: Ok I will start by telling you what all I have replaced. Fuel pump,fuel lines,pump relay auto shut down relay fuel, presure regulater,fuel filter, fuel injecters, fuel rail, Pcm. I have replaced almost the whole fuel system. When I try to start the car. It will start to get power till I trun the switch to start it then I lose power to the pump and the gas gauge. I have ran down all the wires they are all good. Something in the system is telling it to shut down all the power to the system. I thought myself that there looked like there was nothing that should be doing this but. But dodge told me there was something that would shut down the system and it had to be replaced before it would start working again. So I can only think that they were right because of all I replaced and all of the wires are conected and in good shape when I tested them? I don't know what else to tell you I am at a lost to. I am thinking of replacing the whole system with my own race system and doing away with the factory system. like I do with my show cars. But thank you again. I am sorry to wast your time.
Expert:  Tech501 replied 12 years ago.
 OK, you need to stop throwing parts at it and do some troubleshooting. First of all, locate the wire going back to the pump which will be DG/W at the relay and put a testlight or something on it in plain view to know exactly when the pump is getting power. Remember, it only energizes for 3-5 second when the key is cycled on until it sees the tach signal. The "on" command comes from the PCM in the form of a ground to trigger the relay on the brown wire. The relay should have 2 power inputs whenever the key is on. Now you know what siugnal are supposed to be at the relay so find out which ones you may be losing and we'll know where to look for the problem.