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Serpentine Belt Diagram for 2001 Ford Focus

Customer Question

I am a single mother trying to get my car put back together after my timing belt going out. I have the timing belt all put back together and the car actually starts but I can't remember the pattern for the silly serpentine belt. Please help me with a diagram.......please!!!!!!
Submitted: 12 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  jon_050 replied 12 years ago.

How many miles?

How long have you had the car, if you bought it new I'm curious if the fuel pump failed?

Let us know while we see if we can find the diagram.

Customer: replied 12 years ago.
Reply to jon_050's Post: Bought the car new, but have 165,000 miles on it as I commute 150 miles a day to work. I think I just about have the pattern solved. I think I have to move the tensioner out further to pull the extra slack and then adjust my pattern and that should solve my problem. Not sure but that is what I'm trying next. I changed this belt about 60,000 miles ago but can't remember what I did then. I know I didn't have this much room, so I had to work around things. Seems way different. Oh and to answer your question about the fuel pump, I have the recall notice on the fuel pump, and my car does hesitate on acceleration onto the freeway if I put my foot into hard on a low tank, but other than that, I have had no problem. I will go in and have the pump changed shortly. Since I am a high mileage driver, it couldn't hurt.
Expert:  jon_050 replied 12 years ago.

 Which engine?

 Stop back and let us know. The focus has some good online owners groups (helps bridge the quality gap).
Customer: replied 12 years ago.
Reply to jon_050's Post: I know you won't believe this but I am up and running. I finished last night at about 12:30 my time and it runs like a dream. Sucked that I had to fix it in the warehouse at my job because I couldn't get it home, but I got it done. Whewwwww Whooooooo!!!!!!!! She's feeling much better now. New water pump...just in case, fixed miner water leak I was having from seal, new serpentine belt, new timing belt, oil change just for the fun of it and she's running like a new car. Mechanic wanted to charge me $700. to $1000. for this job. I got the whole thing done for less than $200. including all fluids. Thank you for the diagram, but with much persistance and many drawings on scratch paper and many moments under the car looking up and staring down from under the hood I finally got it. I have the drawing in my glove compartment now for the next time.
Expert:  Marc replied 12 years ago.

Rewarding when you get done with something like this, isn't it?
Expert:  jon_050 replied 12 years ago.

 Good job.

At least it wasn't the timing belt installed improperly.

Customer: replied 12 years ago.
Reply to enginboy's Post: You have no idea. I commute way too far every day to not have my car. My boss was so desperate for me not to take vacation time to fix my car, he rented me a car while I was fixing mine after work. He's the greatest....but I need a vacation.

My daughter is very excited to have our little car back. She's learning to drive. It's probably what finally pushed the belt over the edge. Too much strain on the poor thing. Manual transmission you know, with all the rough starts, it was bound to go. I did push it beyond it's limits though and I know better. Can't expect to get 164,000 out of a belt. I was just asking for trouble.
Customer: replied 12 years ago.
Reply to jon_050's Post: No, actually I was getting all kinds of horror stories and horrible advise on the timing belt. I kept hearing that the ztech engine was an interference engine and always blew itself away no matter what, high speed or low speed break. I finally went on line and pulled the engine spec manual for all engines and found that everyone was blowing smoke up my patooty. My engine is not an interference engine.

I was then told I needed a "special" tool to line up the cams because there are no timing marks. Sure enough there are no marks, but common sense told you that by looking at the cams which way they were to be positioned and that all you had to do from there was to turn the crankshaft to find tdc for #1 and I was there. I had to use a flat end screw driver to hold the cams in place so they didn't try to spring back, but other than that, it was no problem. It runs smoother no than before and no valve noise at all, so I think I was pretty lucky. I think all the years helping my dad in the garage back in the day must have paid off. Of course, this car has no distributor and the engine isn't facing the right direction, but it's all pretty much the same once you get inside I guess.
Expert:  Tech501 replied 12 years ago.
 WOW, you must have been one hell of  a helper for Dad.
Expert:  Marc replied 12 years ago.

God blessed you, if you can diy that job, Anyway you are very handy.
Customer: replied 12 years ago.
Reply to enginboy's Post: God did bless me, and I have to be handy. Can't afford not to be.
Customer: replied 12 years ago.
Reply to Tech501's Post: My dad was great. He used to love buying hunk of junk old mustangs or camaro's, (back when no one wanted them) and we'd build them up. Make a little extra pocket money. They were the easiest. You could make them run like a dream with such little work, now you have to pay top dollar for the parts (no more finding them at pick your part). The body work wasn't even very hard because they could take a beating and you could get them straight again, not like the plastic and aluminum of today. It was also fun to have a project car to work on to see how fast you could make it go.... We used to have a track out here in Fremont. Had a 69 Pontiac Firebird with a 455 with Holly double pumpers on a highrise manifold. It went fast. I could never get it below a 12 but I think it was because I was a little scared to really put my foot that far into it and I wasn't shifting just right to get there. It was the most fun.
Expert:  Tech501 replied 12 years ago.
 Hahaha, you souind like a mechanics "dream" girlfriend. Are you single?........LOL
Customer: replied 12 years ago.
Reply to Tech501's Post: Divorced for many a moon. No one could ever stand to be with me. Remember I know how to fix a car...that intimidates many men. You add to that the fact that I also have a brain and can carry on a conversation and I've blown it. They're running for the door. Too much of a challenge. I don't like to talk to people anyway, so that's just okay with me.
Expert:  Tech501 replied 12 years ago.
 I bet you even like fishing too,
Customer: replied 12 years ago.
Reply to Tech501's Post: I like to fish but I won't eat what I catch. I throw them back. I like the relaxation of fishing. You see I don't get much vacation time. I'm writing you from my job now. I have over 300 hours of vacation time built up. I am definately taking vacation this year some time or everyone will probably read about me on the news....woman kills staff with hammer to the head!!!!! Film at 11. Do you fish and play with cars?
Expert:  Tech501 replied 12 years ago.
 The fishing is the playing and the cars are work. I live in So Florida so heaven is just a couple miles offshore in the bright blue Gulf Stream. When you can't see shore, you've entered the "Heavanly Zone"
Customer: replied 12 years ago.
Reply to Tech501's Post: No,,,,No,,,,No,,,,No, you guys have hurricanes and there are sharks in those waters. I am California born and bred. The farthest my little tootsies go into the Pacific ocean is maybe up to my ankles and that's if I am feeling really really brave. Plus, not a really good swimmer so water can be hazardous to my health. I like to swim around in a little lake near here. It's pretty fun and not really crowded. My daughter and I go there and meet my brother there. My sister will go with her husband sometimes and we'll make a picnic of it. My little brother is a hotrod. He has all of the toys...jet ski's, jet boats, mini jet boats. He was my dads favorite and they would play for hours on little projects and he never grew out of it. He still has toys everywhere.
Expert:  Tech501 replied 12 years ago.
 Well, the hurricanes can be a pain in the butt but at least you know they're coming and you can leave, earth quakes don't give you that benefit. The sharks are mostly harmless and rare. Besides, your supposed to stay in the boat when fishing and if you don't, that's what they make life jackets for. You haven't seen anything until you snorkal the reefs in the Keys. The water is so clear, you can see 50ft to the bottom as clear as day. The cudas are pretty scary looking but they don't bother you either.
Customer: replied 12 years ago.
Reply to Tech501's Post: Yeah no! The earthquakes aren't near as bad as everyone makes them out to be. I was here for the one in 89 and was about a mile from the freeway that fell Oakland. It sounded like bombs going off and it felt like it was never going to stop moving but then it does and you just clean up the mess. I live out in the valley now so not as many are felt. I work in the bay area.

I don't ever want to see fish swimming near me in the water. That's just wrong. As you can tell I am the adventurous type. I don't want to jump out of planes, bungee jump, climb rock walls, go for rides in hot air balloons or anything like that. I'm a-okay just doing regular stuff. I don't need to swim around with fishies or anything like that....eeeewwwwww!
Expert:  Tech501 replied 12 years ago.
 Hahaha. you just don't know how beautiful something is until you see it. The hurricanes are no biggy. They have their own season. I got hit with 2 last year but they were the first in my areas in about 25 years and they weren't that bad. I got a few days off from work and a new roof from my insurance company that I was going to have to buy anyway. Gotta go to bed now. Good luck with your car.
Customer: replied 12 years ago.
Reply to Tech501's Post: Thank you. I have to finish this presentation anyway.