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2000 ford expedition: gas accelerates..test drive

Customer Question

I just bought a 2000 ford expedition and it is a real nice truck. The problem is that when we drove it off the lot my wife took it to the gas station and put regular unleaded gas in it, and as soon as she did it started sputtering and jerking a little while it accelerates. It did not do this during the test drive and we drove it for an hour.
I took it last night to wal-mart and put 2 bottles of octane booster and some STP fuel injecyion cleaner in the tank and after 15 minutes of driving the sputtering on acceleration nearly stopped completely. It still did it just a tiny amount but only when we got on the highway and got it up to 75 mph.

I'm hoping this is just a "Bad gas" situation so I am hoping someone can tell me whether or not low quality gas and cause that kind of issue?
Submitted: 13 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  bestservices replied 13 years ago.
Of coarse it can. Try nto buy fuel at a staion that pumps a lot of fuel. Stay away from places like the corner store or 7-11. There fuel is cheaper for a reason. The base gasoline stock for most stations all come from the same supplier. The additives that they put in is what makes the differance in the fuel. Take it from someone who has dropped many fuel tanks due to water and other trash in the fuel. pay alittle more for good fuel . it's worth it.