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I have purchased an astra 2003 city model automatic and the

Customer Question

i have purchased an astra 2003 city model automatic and the radio has a code in which i installed and after pressing a/s it then went to 5 safe.
how do i get to redo the pin number as i am pressing a/s and no response
thank you for your time***@******.***
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Car Electronics
Expert:  Gary replied 1 year ago.

Hi Greg,

IF the pin you have is correct, you have 5 attempts left.

To get it out of safe mode, the radio needs to on, displaying 5SAFE on the info display.

The is a time interval to come out of safe mode.

If it read 10SAFE, you have 10 attempts left, key on accessories, radio on, will come out of SAFE mode after 10 minutes.

The interval goes higher with more incorrect attempts.

So now at 5SAFE it will take about 3 hours to come out of safe mode.

Best to connect a battery maintainer to the battery to you don't get a flat battery during this procedure.

At home, key on accessories, radio on, info display says 5SAFE and wait until is says CODE.

At that point hold down AS for about 2 seconds, the first radio preset is the first number of your PIN.

It starts at 0, so push the first preset until you get your first PIN digit.

2nd preset is 2nd digit etc.

If you get this far, and the radio goes 4SAFE, you have the wrong PIN.

Then you will need to go to Holden, so they can retrieve the correct PIN.

Hope this helps.