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stereoaz, Car Electronics Technician
Category: Car Electronics
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Experience:  35 years in car audio,my shop won iasca world title ,custom fabrication,expert installer.
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This is probably a shot but im hoping you can shed light on

Customer Question

Hello , This is probably a long shot but im hoping you can shed light on a feature from a car stereo manufactured in the 1990s I believe it was the model Deh-p700r .It was the first car head unit to Display multiple pages of all the audio features of the deck and to have scrolling graphics of a simulated orbit of a satelite in space with pioneers old Logo,
This Deck was truly a work of art. I have been a loyal Pioneer enthusiast / owner of alot of your breakthrough products dating back to the seventies, i loved my pioneer super tuner Cassette which was of the old slide mount type. Also I purchased the first Digital tuner cassette Deck. The first ( non switching amp / reciever SX-8) and to my total awe and admiration of your company ..The flagship among flagships...The remarkable AVIC-8100 nex Nav / multi media Head unit.....And if I may close my Inquiry... I even remember the old...Burgess Meredith ( spokesman for Pioneer) commercials...of the seventies and 80s......and most outspokenly admit...I was crushed When Pioneer put to rest The coolest Logo ever "The pioneer pitch fork" ....Thankyou for this great oppurtunity to reflect on your truly remarkable company....yours truly ***** ***** Derby
Almaden Calif.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Car Electronics
Expert:  Thomas Tullo replied 1 year ago.

Hi this is Tom

Pioneer is a really cool company, one of the best. As far as the cool logo.

Back when they made the Deh-p700r Satellites were starting to be a big thing so for people at home it was like futuristic cool. so they were the first to do that and it was a big hit.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank Tom your awesome to shed light on that for me...I remember back when I saw that head unit...I almost dropped dead...It was the coolest thing ever to me...I remember I had to bend the truth i(if you will) when my girl friend asked me how much the Dehp 700 was 800 $ at the time but was literally light years ahead of its competition...if I'm not mistaken. ..Pioneer put things like ...DSP and digital sound fields in the Car stereo arena ...It's realy great to interact and hear from you Tom...Do you actually work as an employee for Pioneer?...or do you Sub contract for them? As a tech..elaborate if you have phone is(###) ###-####if you care to converse ..and it's appropriate and in the bounds of your service...Dale R Derby
Expert:  Thomas Tullo replied 1 year ago.

No i don't work for pioneer, I own a stereo shop and have been in the business for over 30 years and love it, And now an expert on justanswer.

I have installed pioneer when i got in to the business. and now have my own shop for over 20 years and still sell pioneer.