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Russell H.
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Battery died n alarm challenged getting a charge but finally

Customer Question

Battery died n alarm challenged getting a charge but finally able to jump it. Now every time open the door the alarm goes off. How can we reset alarm so we can run car?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Car Electronics
Expert:  Russell H. replied 1 year ago.

Hi, thank you for contacting My name is Russell. I will do my best to provide the right answer to your question.

Try finding, under the dash and on the driver's side (usually) you will see a little box mounted there, with a button on it. Put the key in the ignition, and turn it to On. Then, press that button briefly, just press-it-and-release-it, and you will put the car into Valet Mode, in which mode, you can drive the car, etc. and the alarm will be disabled.

Other measures will be needed to reset the alarm back to the way it should operate... but I can't say exactly what to do, without knowing what kind of alarm it is.