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I am getting ready to send my AVIC-5000NEX to Pioneer with

Customer Question

I am getting ready to send my AVIC-5000NEX to Pioneer with the following letter. Any help that I can get before I tear this out of the dash would be great
Enclosed please find 1 ea. Pioneer AVIC-5000NEX car stereo and Crutchfield invoice #23248746.
I am sending this AVIC-5000NEX to you for repair. Following is a list of issues that I have experienced with this unit in the order which they appeared.
1) Starting shortly after I installed the unit I noticed that about 90% of the time when I backed out of the garage in the morning the backup camera would come on and operate properly. However, when I put the car in drive I would loose all audio from the unit. The only way to get audio back was to remove the volume control on the left side of the unit and reinstall it. This would cause the unit to reboot and it would work properly the rest of the day. This only occurred in the morning.
2) After several phone calls to Crutchfield with technical support they informed me that there was a Firmware update that came out in July for this unit. After downloading and installing the update I tried the backup camera and it did the same thing as noted in #1 above.
3) I called Crutchfield back and the technician suggested that I reset the unit by pushing the small reset button in the upper left corner of the unit with a paperclip. After resetting the unit it asked me for my password. My password ***** with a numeric character so I pushed the numeric character selection button of the display and the shift key illuminates and changes the alpha characters to upper case. Pressing the numeric character selection button again lights up the shift key and changes the alpha characters back to lower case. Also, if you press the go button the backspace key illuminates and deletes characters.
4) As a last ditch effort I tried to insert the original CD that came with the unit to see if I could get it to boot from the CD and start the setup process over again. This did not work and the CD is still in the unit.
If you need to contact me you can reach me anytime. You can also reach me in the evenings at***@******.***.
When complete please ship this to the following address:
Thank you for your help.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Car Electronics
Expert:  Car Audio Rusty replied 1 year ago.

Hi Steve, you sound frustrated, I'm sorry to hear you're having so many problems with it! It sounds to me like it's not very well built, and you should ask them to exchange it for a different model. Here are a couple of things I will caution you with before you send it to Pioneer.

1. Don't just send it to them, they will likely lose it. Contact them first and get an RA number so they can put you in the computer and know what to do with the unit. That is done online, click here.

2. It sounds like you've done everything you can do, including the reset, firmware update, and inserting the disc. There is no more that can be done on your end, you were thorough.

3. Crutchfield accepts returns. I would first try to contact them to see if you can send it back for a full refund, and pick out a different model. They have a 60 day no questions asked return policy, if you still have the original box and packaging. Click here to get the return started, or call 1.***-***-****. They also need a RA number for processing.

Again I'm sorry you're going through this hassle, thank you for the detailed information. If you're having trouble with it now, they will likely test it on the bench and send it back to you with the note "nothing wrong". That's the reality of it. Be sure to try Crutchfield first, that is your best bet to avoid a total loss.