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I can't get my USB to play on my KDC-248U what can I do

Customer Question

I can't get my USB to play on my KDC-248U what can I do
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Car Electronics
Expert:  umdterp13 replied 2 years ago.

From the standpoint of everything functioning properly at one point; it may not be radio related. I would suggest the simplest thing first. Resetting the head unit... as a Kenwood, they have a button buried in their logo. Use a paper clip or something similar and hold it down long enough to gauge the reaction, it should be visibly evident when the unit resets itself. Ballpark 10 seconds is my recommendation, even if you notice anything around the three second duration of the press. If that doesn't resolve your dilemma, you may need to try reformatting your USB stick. This is a process that I can guide you through, however you will lose the information on the stick at the time of this process. I recommend backing up your data; which seems strange that adding it back to the storage media wouldn't trigger the same problem, admittedly, yet this would indicate a problem with the hardware of another sort. Try resetting the unit itself, and let me know what happens...