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how to hook up an aftermarket power antenna to a jaguar XJS

Resolved Question:

how to hook up an aftermarket power antenna to a jaguar XJS (1995) car?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Car Electronics
Expert:  Carl L replied 5 years ago.

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An aftermarket antenna runs on 12VDC power. It is a plug and go kind of deal. If your wanting to use a relay to drive it, use the ACC 12VDC Wire to switch on the Relay and have the 12VDC source come directly from the battery using a 12ga wire. You'll have all the Power you need then. Hope this helps and please remember to indicate that I have helped you today. :)

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thank you so far. I probably did not explain my problem too well.

The wiring harness which ends in a multiplug for te purpose op controlling the JAGUAR power antenne gives a steady 12 V (DC) on one of the six terminals. Another term. (yell/gr) gives constant 12 Volt, radio on or off.

Another wire/terminal (white/pink) gives 12 V (DC) with radio on only but this is too weak to control the antenna motor. I suppose it is only some 12 Volts, 500 milliamps.

My query was, does a relay (12 Volts DC) exists that functions on such a weak current? As the Battery is in the trunk adjacent to the aerial, finding a constant 12volt source is no problem.I just would love to be able to use the feeble 12 volt puls which comes from the radio when turned on.I do also have antoher Jaguar audio problem, could I also consult you on that?

Looking forward to your appreciated reply. Greetings from Holland and good Weekend to you

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Hello Carl. You are already working on a problem on my behalf but I have another one which bothers me.It is somehow linked to problem nr.1.When I initially tried to hook up the power aerial I tried to find the control (trigger-)wire from the radio by trial and error and in that process I caused a short circuit.It blew a fuse (radio feed) and after replacing that fuse the radio display read:"pause" and nothing could be done, had it send out for repair and it returned"verdict not repairable".Radio is Alpine (Jaguar) part nr. LHE4100AA.Via internet found and bought same type radio (pretty rare find as this model was only used during 1 year for the 1995 Jaguar XJS Convertible.Radio bought came from wrecked car (same yr, make, model with only 20.000 miles on clock)That car had no CD changer in the trunk, whereas mine does.

The new radio tuner works like a charm, casette plays well however, there is no action whatsoever from the CD changer. When button on changer is pushed the rack holding 6 CD,s comes out, so it does receive power from the radio unit, but on the radio display nothing at all happens when button "disc"is pushed.Changer has no sep. fuse. Changer worked well with previous radio. As the replacing radio has never been connected to changer and had only served in a car which had an accident at 20,000 miles I cannot suspect that unit, particularly as the radio tuner as well as the casette player work fine! I did clean (thoroughly) the brass contact behind the removable radio front bu to no avail.

Cable and plugs between the 2 units in good cond; no damage.

I was so happy to have found a replacement radio and now, just before the holidays I got this problem. Could you please shine your appreciated expert,s light on this dilly?

I am anxiously looking forward to your reply.

Kindest regards XXXXX XXXXX drizzly Holland (no summer this year)

Hans Brevoord

Expert:  Carl L replied 5 years ago.

.5A is enough to engage a 12VDC Relay to allow for a stronger current to be passed through from the Battery to the Antenna. Just be sure that it has a good ground. As for your other Question, it's very possible that the Surge of the short from the previous Radio may have surged to the CD Changer's and blown out one of the Logic Chips. Since nothing else was done, and you have proper power going to the Changer, the only way to really know is to replace the Changer as well.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

NO, I did not receive an answer to my question.

Question was: is there a relay available which permits me to use the weak control current in order to feed higher amp current to the power aerial,s motor?If yes, where or how to obtain such a relay? That is my question

Expert:  Carl L replied 5 years ago.
Any 12VDC Car Relay will work. You can pick one up at any Auto Parts store.
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