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Dodge RAM 1500 The factory alarm system on my 2005 Dodge Ram

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The factory alarm system on my 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 truck goes off and disables the vehicle as soon as I open a door every time I set then unset it it using the factory fob. Pressing the "alarm off" button on the fob at this point does nothing. The only way to silence the alarm is to start the truck, which I have discovered I can do by turning on the ignition switch while depressing a button that is mounted behind the "alarm on" indicator light mounted under the dashboard. Any ideas what needs to be done to fix this?

Are you certain this is a factory installed alarm?


When the alarm activates - does the horn honk, or is it a siren sounding?

Can you describe your Keyfob (remote)?


Because Chrysler used a transponder immobilizer system in most 2005 models. This is a chip in your key - so the vehicle can verify that is the key to be used in the vehicle. If the transponder doesn't recognize the key, spark and fuel are cut off in the BCM.


The keyfob is for keyless entry.


Also - the SECURITY lamp in the speedo cluster flashes when the security is enabled - not a standalone LED.


From the LED - trace the wiring under the dash to the brain of the unit.


It will have all the information on it - Manufacturer& Model number.


Reply with that information.


Typical "Dealer Options" are remote starts and alarms contracted out to third party car audio businesses for the dealer - who then marks up the price 300%... and not necessarily 'factory"


They tend to use entry-level, low cost alarms... like Code Alarm and Crimestopper.


Let me know what you find.



Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I understand your point regarding factory/non-factory. Something I never considered before. The alarm system was installed "by the dealer" and is clearly not factory. When the alarm is activated, the horn honks.

My key fob is "hour glass" shaped with "DaimlerChrysler P/N 04686481AC" imprinted on the back along with "TRW". It has three buttons: Lock/Unlock/Panic. Lock activates a motion sensitive alarm as well as locking the doors.

I've not seen a SECURITY lamp in the dash. I have a red light screwed to the bottom of my dash just below the steering column. Not very professionally installed at that (it's missing a screw on right side that was never installed allowing it to pivot around in a circle).

The system is Code Systems, Inc. The part number is XXXXX 102701-0Flash or 102059-3-CPLMM (made in China). I'm guessing your advice will be to have a better system installed by someone other than the dealer. :)


On most aftermarket alarms - to put the vehicle into "Valet" mode - turn the key to ON - then press/hold the override button (up to 10 seconds) - until the LED illuminates constantly.

This will allow proper operation of the vehicle until you can get the one currently installed replaced/repaired/removed. (see below on the instructions for your vehicle)

102059-3-CPLMM is a CPLMM Code Systems (AKA CODE ALARM/Audiovox) ALARM model number...

And just as I suspected... the bottom of the bottom. Likely a contracted alarm install at the dealer level... or possibly made by Code Alarm at a discounted rate for dealerships.

I have the Installation manual and Owner's manual if you are interested - I will upload them for you - or the shop that is looking into repairing/replacing.

If it is simply a shock sensor - it would be cheaper to replace than an entire alarm system. They will be able to troubleshoot the exact source of the triggering.

From the O/M:

Disabling the IT-sTM Interior Theft Sensor
It may be necessary at times to disable the IT-sTM Interior Theft Sensor,
especially when parking in areas (like parking garages) where extreme
vibration may cause false alarms. Press the ARM button. Then press the
both buttons within two seconds, to disable the interior theft sensor.
The horn will chirp four times to indicate that the sensor is disabled.
The sensor will become enabled again the next time the system is
armed normally.

To enter Valet Mode:
With the vehicle ignition on, press the ARM & DISARM buttons
simultaneously. The red dashboard warning light (status indicator) will
turn on for one second, then turn off. This indicates that the system is
in Valet mode.
Note: In Valet mode, all keyless entry and convenience features
operate normally. (The LED will falsh a double pulse)
To exit Valet Mode:
With the vehicle ignition on, press the ARM & DISARM buttons
simultaneously The red dashboard warning light (status indicator) will
turn on for one second, then turn off. This indicates that the system has
exited Valet mode.

The CPL Security System will trigger if one of the following events
occurs while the system is armed:
• Any protected entrance is opened
• The vehicle ignition is turned on
• The vehicle is jolted hard enough to signal the impact detector
Once the alarm is triggered, the horn will sound and the vehicle
parking light will flash for 30 seconds. The system will then rearm,
awaiting the next intrusion attempt. To stop the horn from
sounding while keeping the alarm armed and doors locked:
press the ARM button while the system is triggered.

The Interior Status Indicator
The Status Indicator is a high-intensity red light mounted in a visible
location on the vehicle dashboard. This red light gives a visual
indication of the alarm system’s state of operation. Note the chart

If the Status Indicator is.../ ....then the Security System
Off / is disarmed
Flashing Slowly / is armed
Flashing Very Quickly / was triggered in your absence
Flashing Intermittently / is in Valet mode
(2 flashes, off, 2 flashes)
On (not flashing) /is in Pre-arm mode

If you need further - Just Ask.


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