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I need to know what each color wire on a Pioneer DEH-1300MP

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I need to know what each color wire on a Pioneer DEH-1300MP plug are for and what wires to hook them up on a 1986 DODGE D150XXXXX1/2 ton truck with a 5.2 liter motor.
Truck has Red, Red with white stripe, Orange, Brown with Blue, Blue with Orange, Purple, Blue with Purple, brown, brown with yellow, green, blue with white.
Plug from cd player has Black, Yellow, Red, Purple, Purple with Black, Grey. Grey with Black, Green, Green with Black, White, White with Black
Pioneer does not provide an installation manual for this product.
Luckily - the aftermarket industry has developed standards.

Here is a generalized explanation of what each of the colors - some are not used or included with your radio.

Yellow: Constant 12V Power

Red: Switched 12V Ignition Power

Black: Ground

Orange: Dimmer

Brown: Phone Mute

Green: Ground for Parking Brake (DVD Systems)

Blue: Power Antenna turn on

Blue/White: Remote amplifier turn-on

Speaker wires:

Green/Black: Left Rear -
Green: Left Rear +

Purple/Black: Right Rear -
Purple: Right Rear +

White/Black: Left Front -
White: Left Front +

Grey/Black: Right Front -
Grey: Right Front +

RCA Inputs and outputs:

Red: Right
White: Left
Yellow: Video

  1. In most installations - the BROWN MUTE wire will simply be terminated (not connected to anything.
  2. In most vehicles using an aftermarket head unit - when integrating the factory amplifier - you MUST send the amplifier a turn-on signal using the BLUE/WHITE wire.
  3. In cases where the radio/music turns off when you change the source from FM to CD or AUX - chances are good you have the BLUE and BLUE/WHITE wire reversed. (The radio is dropping the signal on the power antenna - and therefore your amplifier is no longer getting the turn on signal from the radio). Simply switch the blue wires to rectify the problem.

1984-86 Dodge Pickup (fullsize) Stereo Wiring
Constant 12V+Red
Switched 12V+ Red/White
Ground To Chassis
Illumination n/a
Dimmer Orange/White
Antenna Right Front
Front Speakers 6" x 9" Doors
Left Front (+) Green
Left Front (-) Green/Yellow
Right Front (+) Purple
Right Front (-) Purple/Yellow

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