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Category: Car Electronics
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how do i peak my cobra 29 chrome cb radio

Customer Question

how do i peak my cobra 29 chrome cb radio
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Car Electronics
Expert:  bluextc89 replied 6 years ago.

1 - Park the vehicle as far away from buildings and power lines as possible, and keep the doors, hood, and trunk closed tight. Instruct those around the car to step back at least 10 nyards, but the further the better for accurate results.


2 - Connect an SWR (standing wave ratio) meter to the CB, and place the CB on channel 1. Press the button on the microphone, known as "keying up," and adjust the knob labeled SET until the needle reaches its highest point. Then set the meter on REF, and key up again. Write this number down so it can be referenced later.


3 - Turn the CB to channel 40, and key up again while in the REF mode. The needle level while on channel 1 should match or nearly match the level recorded on channel 40. If the needle reading on channel 40 is higher than while on channel 1, the antenna is too long. If the needle is lower on channel 40, the antenna is too short.


4 - Adjust the antenna by either cutting off a quarter inch with a good pair of dykes and retesting, or raising it up a quarter inch if possible. Repeat these steps until the signal strength on both channels 1 and 40 are exact, or very close.


CLICK HERE for a similar tutorial.


CLICK HERE for a copy of the Owner's manual - if you don't have one. I am storing it on my Personal FTP account - so it will be taken down in 7 days.



Customer: replied 6 years ago.

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iasked how to peak my radio not match my antenna to my radio... i want my money back
Expert:  bluextc89 replied 6 years ago.
"Peaking" a radio to the average user involves only what I had written previously. I guess I assumed you did not own an oscilloscope and RF power meter - or you probably would be able to "tune" the radio without help.

Here is the "rest" of the procedure for tuning....

  1. Get out your CB radio owner’s manual to peak your radio. Because models differ, the owner’s manual will help you identify parts for adjustments. Some suggestions to peak your radio are below, but only try them if you’re electronically adept and you have an older CB.
    • Adjustments to peak the CB radio will require special equipment, such as an oscilloscope and RF power meter.
    • If your CB radio has been manufactured within the last few years, you won’t need to peak it. Newer models don’t have the drift and adjustment problems of older CBs. Any modification to newer models, such as producing higher wattage, usually puts the CB into illegal territory where the FCC is concerned.
  2. 2Turn up the transmitter's wattage if it is below 4 watts according to the SWR meter.

  3. 3Adjust the CB’s modulation for maximum output, but without distorting the voice. (This is where the oscilloscope comes in to play)

  4. 4Modify the mike amp circuit so that you can have more modulation and, thus, a clearer voice when you transmit.

  5. 5Align the receiver’s signal/noise ratio so that it is at its optimum.

  6. 6Change the squelch range for the audio so that you can tune out unwanted static.

  7. 7Move the frequency to zero tolerance.
  • An SWR reading of 3.0 or higher can damage your radio. If you can’t tune the antenna to get the numbers down, take your CB to a repair shop.
  • Peaking a CB radio is not for the novice. You could destroy your radio. If you’re not electronically inclined, leave the peaking to the professionals.