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Don 'Mo Lurch'
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I have a Pioneer MOSFET 50wx4 that just had more and more problems,

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I have a Pioneer MOSFET 50wx4 that just had more and more problems, likely related to the extreme heat this summer. First I couldn't scan my XM stations if they weren't on my preset buttons. It would change to channel 70 and just run the 70-79 and back again. Next, the radio would not turn on at all and none of the buttons would work, not even with the remote. I could put in a CD and it would turn on the unit and play the cd, but I couldn't change tracks at all. Then it would turn on and start the cd then turn off 10 seconds later. Now there is nothing. Taking off the faceplate shows that there is still power to the unit as the green light on the cd slot is still on.

My question is: Is my radio toast or is it just the faceplate or a fuse or something else? If it is the faceplate as I suspect, is it repairable? Cost effective?



For more info, you need to post the Model Number of the Pioneer Unit
Should be on the Face Plate, Unit & / or Owners Manual


Typically the Face Plate is the problem
If the Unit worked fine & there was no loss of Memory (stations, time, etc.) & the Unit slowly contracted these problems, you can try:
Clean the Contacts on the Face Plate & the Front of the Unit with Alcohol & Cue Tip, making sure it is dry prior to inserting Face Plate

If the problem persists, it would be less expensive to have Pioneer check the complete Unit, rather than just sending Face Plate
They have a Repair price that covers anything for one price


Remember, Face Plate is typically the most expensive part on most units & sometimes it is cheaper to find another Unit On-Line, E-Bay, etc.






Customer: replied 6 years ago.
The model is DEH-P4600MP


Thank you for the added info..............


On this unit it can be more Internal than Face Plate, as there is not that much circuitry in the Face Plate like other models


DIY repair is same, but if the unit proves to still have a problem, you may want to consider purchase of used unit, as repair would likely exceed the value

We charge $125.00 - 185.00 for basic Repairs






Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Could you recommend a same size replacement with good quality, but not a high price range? Brand name is XXXXX XXXXX


This would be a personal call

It would be less expensive for you to replace with "same" DEH-P4600MP

There are a number of good Units, but would require rewiring of the Plugs in your car & many require XM Adapter now rather than built in
I prefer Kenwood & JVC, but the prices including XM would be far greater than the Pioneer Unit you have now



Customer: replied 6 years ago.
And you really think it is the entire unit and not just the faceplate or a fuse? We had extremely high heat this summer and LED devices really don't handle heat very well. Or is the chain of events really indicative of an entire system failure?


What you have described sounds like the Face Plate connections, so try cleaning
If you have a "Brite Pad" use that to get the connection better



Customer: replied 6 years ago.
What is a "brite pad"? Is the rubbing alchohol & q-tip method not enough?

(btw, I appreciate your prompt service and will be clicking Accept after this. - just so you know)


not a problem

Brite Pad is like one of those pot scrubbers that are not metallic. It is a rough material type pad
This will shine the connections a little better than just using the Alcohol & Cue Tip.
If you do not have, not to worry, as Alcohol & Cue Tip should help if it is the connection

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.



let me know if you need further

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