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Why does my radio turn on for a few seconds then shut off ?

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Why does my radio turn on for a few seconds then shut off ?

I just installed a new deck in my car but It doesnt seem to get enough power, the only cable actually having power is the yellow one. The radio turns on a few seconds when I turn the ignition and thats it

Hello,I will be glad to try and assist you with this,Welcome to Just Answer.


O.k.,what cables or wires did you connect from your radio to this yellow cable?


Let me know,Thanks Pete.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
well I connected the yellow one from my radio to the one in my car, all the other ones for speakers, then there is the ground one ( obviously) and then I have a red and a orange/white one in the radio but not in my car, instead there is 2 orange ones which dont give off any power at all either. then like I said, the radio turns on and scans for a cd when I turn the ignition and then I press the ''eject'' button it tries to eject a cd and turns off right away again. also, when I press ''display'' it shows the time for a few seconds

thanks, aaron

o.k.,your radio should have two power wires coming from it,one is for when you turn on the ignition to send power to turn on the radio and the other wire is for constant battery power all the time to kep the clock set an the radio stations set.If you only have one of these pwer wires connected then this is why your radio is only coming on temporarily,you will have to check your decks wiring diagram to see which wire from your deck needs power when the keyn is turned on and which wire needs power all the time,if your vehicles harness doesnt have a constant power wire then you will have to run one from the battery or fuse box from a fuse that does have constant power all the time,I have seen this problem before and this is usually the cause,all decks have two power wires,a ground,a power feed wire to power up power antennaes and amplifiers and then they have speaker wires as well.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
okay, that was very helpful, but one last question: how did it work then that the old radio worked ?

was the old radio a stock radio in this vehicle and did it have a clock on it or keep radio stations in memory?

Let me know,Thanks Pete

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
It didnt have a clock but it did remember all the radio stations. Configuring the cables the way all the ones on the old radio were didnt work either.


ok then most likely your old radio had a constant power source as well,since you have extra wires from the dash most likely one of these wires is a constant power wire,the fuse may have blown for this wire,check your fuses and see if any of them are blown and replace them as needed,also make sure you have the radio wired right,dont just match up colors as this will fry the new deck,most electronic stores sell a kit that will converte your existing dash wiring to fit your new deck these usually cost $10 to $15 andf are easy to install with instructions.Check to make sure its wired correctly and check your fuses and make sure one isnt blown,you had to have had a constant power wire if your old radio kept the radio stations programmed into the deck as it needs the constant power to do this.

I hope this helped,Thanks Pete.

Pete and other Car Electronics Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
well that doesnt really help since I checked all the fuses and stuff and the only wire with any power whatsoever is the yellow one. what If I had only the constant power one plugged in but not the ignition one. would it still work ?

thank you very much for the help, obviously my car is screwed up and that isnt your fault so after the next reply I will pay you
If you had the constant power wire hooked up to both power wires for the desk then yes the deck should work but also the radio would stay on even after you turn the car off so you would manually have to shut off the radio with the switch or knob on the radio.This will work this way except you will have to shut off the rasdio every time you shut the car off if you didnt then it would drai your battery down overnight.I hope this helped,Thanks Pete.