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how to disarm 1999 vw golf factory alarm I thought I had it

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how to disarm 1999 vw golf factory alarm? I thought I had it but when car is locked and I use my remote start it blows its horn. Does not mater if a key is in the ignition or not. Can you help?


If you are having problems with the Alarm "triggering" when Remote Started, you need to have your DisArm wire from the Remote Start "Unlock" the doors, then after Remote Start is running, "Lock" the Doors.
If you need further, let me know

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I have seen were these wires are inside the drivers door, is this the only location to access these wires?

I tried connecting a disarm wire to a disarm wire in the comfort wire block but this didn't work. I also tried connecting the disarm wire to the back hatch unlock wire under the dash but this didn't work either.

I don' t understand why it seems to work sometimes but not others. You would think it would either work or not work?


YELLOW Wire For Power Doorlocks Must Be Accessed At The Switch In The DriversDoor.

Chassis Ground (-) from Remote Start Unlock wire, Will Unlock Doors

Ground Thru A 700 Ohm Resister Will Lock The Doors

If your Remote Start has Door Lock Control & you have it connected, just connect the DisArm wire to the Unlock wire

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
One wiring source that I used off The suggests cutting the alarm wire (Black/ Purple) under the dash in the Comfort Control block and using a relay on the with this wire. Do you think this would work? It would be alot quicker than trying to feed wires into the drivers door.


You can do it any way you like.......
I can only give you answers that I know work.
The Factory Alarm "only" DisArms from Factory Door Locks, thru the Door Lock Module.
Single Pulse Disarms
Have been doing this for many years

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