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I have a garmin nuvi 660. The touch screen seems to not be

Resolved Question:

I have a garmin nuvi 660. The touch screen seems to not be recogonizing any touchs. I can't even get the map to show after it turns on, let alone find an address.

Is there anything I can do?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Car Electronics
Expert:  Andy replied 7 years ago.
Hello !!

When did you buy this nuvi and since when are you facing this issue

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I bought this nuvi about one year ago. The problem developed this afternoon while I was using it.

While I was waiting for your reply, I kept kitting the reset button. I did this about 4 times and then gave up. The nuvi was off for about 15 minutes and I was trying to see if I needed new software.

When I turned the nuvi on, it seems to be working fine now. My concern is that this might happen again. I don't know what caused it or how to fix it if it does happen again.

Is this a problem with the nuvi? Do they have issues with the touchscreen?
Expert:  Andy replied 7 years ago.
Hello !!

It can happen because of a software glitch. If it happens again please do a master reset.

Note: A master reset will erase all waypoints or favorites and will restore your unit to the default factory settings.

  1. Start with the unit OFF and unplugged from power
  2. Touch and hold the lower right corner of the screen with an index finger or the eraser end of a pencil
  3. Continue touching and holding the lower right hand corner of the screen then power the unit ON
  4. Release the power button when the device powers ON
    • You will see a new message: Do you really want to erase all user data?
  5. Remove your finger from the touchscreen when this message displays
  6. Touch Yes

The device will automatically reset. Please follow the on screen prompts on the nüvi and when completed place your device in an area with a clear view of the sky until it acquires satellites.


If the touch settings looks messed up please do this :

  1. Power the unit On.
  2. From the Where to? and View map screen, touch Settings (wrench icon).
  3. Touch Display.
  4. Touch Recalibrate.
  5. A new screen will display that says Press Dot.
  6. Touch the Center of the Dot.
  7. Keep touching the center of the dot as it moves around the screen.
  8. When Calibration Complete appears on the screen, please touch OK.
The screen will now be Recalibrated.

This is not a very common problem in Nuvi but happens sometimes.

If its within warranty, you should send it to Garmin if it happens again anytime soon.


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