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I have rented the top floor of my landlords house with my 3

Customer Question

I have rented the top floor of my landlords house with my 3 children on my own for 3 years my lanlord lives in the lower level I have a great lanlord relation ship pay my rent on time my previoslanlord has given me a great reference for a new place I would like to rent with my finance I received a call from the
new prospective landlord said he was checking out my previous landlord to see if she owned the house and said she did own the house and was I sub letting told him I have known her for three years and pay my rent on time which he said she confirmed, thought this was creepy why is he investigating my lanlord I am the one who is going to be rentinghe wants to come and go through and see where I live now I don't
Have problem with this either does my old land lord i told my old land lord he checked her out to see if she owned the house and she even said this is strange she has not authorised him to check her out is this not a privacy issue on her part my existing lanlord said we should be ask g him some questions to see if he is illegitimate my finance thinks this is strange what he is doing if he is doing all this should we even consider renting
Submitted: 1 month ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Debra replied 1 month ago.

Hello! My name is Debra (formerly known as Legal Ease). Thank you for your question. I'm reviewing it now, and will post back again shortly.

Expert:  Debra replied 1 month ago.

I am sorry to hear this. This goes well beyond what is considered acceptable. It goes well beyond regular boundaries as what potential landlord would come to see where you a living now. They have no right and it reflects poorly on what they think of your rights to privacy.

I cannot say what you should do but personally if this happened to me I would not consider renting from this landlord.

Does that help?

Please feel free to post back with any follow-up questions you may have. If you don't have any then I hope I have earned a 5 star rating but if you don't feel that I have please don't hesitate to reply back and let me know what more I can do to assist you. Finally, please know that even after you rate me I will be here for you and you can ask follow-up questions if you think of them later on at no further charge of course.