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I won a small claim against a lousy builder ($25,000

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I won a small claim against a lousy builder ($25,000 +$1,500/legal fee), but its against his limited company only. The defendant said, his company is limited, its only a consultant firm, there's no asset. He doesn't care if he lose the case or not.
He stopped posted his company sighs on his construction sites. He just posted some photos for his on-going jobs on facebook. I have no clue what is the exact location for his new construction jobs. I can only guess there are 3 different site so-far. I know his bank account, and home address. He has 2 properties under his own name. One for his son's family, the other one is for his own use.
He has two personal bankruptcies in his past, the last one was cleared in Oct 13,2016. Every time, when there's law suit involved, he'll close his limited company, and started a new one.

Hello! My name is Debra (formerly known as Legal Ease). Thank you for your question. I'm reviewing it now, and will post back again shortly.

That is a terrible situation but what about a truck for example?

Customer: replied 3 months ago.
He has a second handed caravan, but its not under his company. He's well prepared to avoid payment to anybody. He will signed contract with his limited company. Each site, he will charge $30,000 plus tax as his consultant fee. If I know his new site, then I'll know the owner, so can I garnish his client 's cheque?

You can get the sheriff to seize a payment but only if the payment is payable to the company you have a judgment against.

Customer: replied 3 months ago.
It seems that its no use to win the case against a limited company. I 'm going to have a trial against the same fellow and same company in Sept.2017. He tried many excuses to set the motion, it has been delayed from Oct,2015 till Sept, 2017. He told the judge he never get a dime of cash from me at the very beginning, but when I show the court, he did asked for cash several times in emails, so he changed his wordings by saying that he did get some cash from me. He even submitted a bank like statement showing that from May 12,2013, he deposited 4 times of cash ( each time its $1000 + hst) to his bank account, and his accountant reported those to CRA. In fact, I knew him in Aug,2013, and one of the empty lot was purchased in Sept,2013, he's submitting false affidavit to court. Its impossible that I started to give him cash before I knew him, or even purchsed the land for him to build house on.

Tell the court what he is doing with the manipulation of the limited companies. The court may allow you to sue him personally for this reason.

He is essentially committing fraud.

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