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This Question is for LEGAL EASE I have hired services of a

Customer Question

This Question is for LEGAL EASEI have hired services of a lawyer and provided him with the required documents for now (alongiwith the retainer fees). Questions i have now are:1. What should I expect now? Will she get a notice or some other process will happen.
2. Can we still avoid the court procedures if the lawyers, with our consent, can agree to the terms and conditions of separation/divorce.
3. I have put the separation date as July 2015. This is done in order to have the divorce implemented within a short time.
4. If she wants to act as her own lawyer, then what will happen.
5. Can I continue to stay in the same house. Please bare in mind the risk is she can create some unnecessary problem for me.
6. Cant leave the house also as paying for the mortgage. Cant afford to pay for the mortgage and rent a place. If I do leave the house she will not pay for it and the house can go into foreclosure.Thanks for your answers in advance.
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Debra replied 11 months ago.

Hello! My name is***** you for your question. I'm reviewing it now, and will post back again shortly.

Expert:  Debra replied 11 months ago.

What did the lawyer ask you to do so far?

What did the lawyer say he/she was going to do?

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
He has filled out forms for the court after getting all the details. I have also given him the tax assessment forms for the last three years. I have also given him the family history in chronological order.He said he will submit it to court to get a date. This was on November 11th. havent heard from him still.
Expert:  Debra replied 11 months ago.

So then what he plans on doing is serving her with the documents that start the court application.

You can always settle and that is always best if possible.

The legal process has many conference which are meetings with judges that will try and get you to settle.

If she doesn't contest the divorce the judgment would be signed sortly.

She has to respond to the papers, with or without a lawyer.

She can continue to live it the house until you come to an agreement or get a court order just as she can.

Did that answer those questions?

Those are really a lot for one post so if you are asking more questions rather than just asking for clarification please rate this post and then start a new one, with my name in it of course.


Expert:  Debra replied 11 months ago.

Is there anything more I can help you with at this point in time?