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I need help. Im in Ontario. I was arrested and charged for

Customer Question

I need help. Im in Ontario. I was arrested and charged for uttering threats causing harm and or death.This was on September 18/16.I called my ex a lot of bad names, and told her to watch her f**king back, i have nothing to lose.Because she was doing things with our children and i wasnt told about it,They were to be with me legally on fathers day she had made plans and took my daughter to Montreal, and my son went with her father fishing. i found out from seeing on my sisters face book page. She enrolled my daughter in pottery with her every Tuesday night, which i am to have my daughter on Tuesdays.She re-enrolled my daughter into rock climbing and didnt tell me.My son is in a new school and had to take a instrument to learn to play, i wasnt told he choose trumpet. And here is the biggest thing, after having me attested, she made plans with the kids on my visitation time set by our legal separation agreement.She took my daughter zip lining on my day, my son went to his grandfather's hunting camp on my weekend.My son's school went on a overnight trip, and ex went with them was told about that, on my time. but she had her mother take my daughter to pottery that night, on my time. Last Friday, the kids had Doctor appointment in the afternoon, my day, as it was a PA day from school. She took them not me...they didnt even come to my house in the morning We live 5 minutes away from each other,or better yet i could of taking them to their appointments. Now today they are to be with me, my son called and said he was too tired to come over so he and my daughter didnt come over again.And my ex made plans and bought tickets for her and my son to go to ottawa to a NHL game tomorrow night.on my time. I dont know what to do.. I have a no contact order against me,and if i tell my kids they can not do these thing it will make me look like the A-Hole..anyone got any suggestion..BTW, i accused my ex and her mother of being controlling before this all started, Boy did she get mad...
Submitted: 8 months ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Ulysses101 replied 8 months ago.

Hello, thank you for the question.

You really do need a lawyer for this because if you're convicted it will make it very difficult for you to fix the family law issues.

If you own property but have low income you can still apply for Legal Aid, perhaps you'll qualify for a certificate on a repayment plan. If that doesn't work then borrow some money against the home.

If you've been to court, I assume that you got your disclosure package and your crown screening form. Read over the disclosure carefully and make note about what you don't agree with. Then take it to a lawyer to review and look at defences to the charges.

Yes, she's not following the agreement and that's likely a mitigating factor but it's not a defence. Your lawyer and the judge will say that if there are family law disputes then you take it up in family court.

What else about this would you like to discuss?

Expert:  Ulysses101 replied 8 months ago.

You've seen what I wrote by now, I assume. Is there anything else about this matter you'd like to discuss with me?

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