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Bless day,my is Ian santos,I'm been here on Canada since

Customer Question

Hi bless day,my is Ian santos,I'm been here on Canada since 05/09/1995, I need really need help of a real Canadian lawyer,coz came to this beautiful land,not to leave in Canadian law or follow,I do know how the princifull of Canadian people,I do love and respect the way there real justice specially in case human ryt,but since May 2010' start everything,they took away my ryts,my life with my kids,it's start like this,95 I'll came 05/09 I'll start to in Tim Horton,95 to 97'it get prancise ,but we continue working 97 2003',then got problem I got abuse/w the new manager to the new store I'll open and them that moment,I'll did not quite ,but after that they never give me time or schedule to work,I look for job but they give me bad reference,they I lost my licesen ,coz w/a officer that causing me driving while waiting of my wife she forget the ownership of the car ,officer came to me ask for seatbelt,if I'll were,that time car it's in parking lot not moving ,engine off,coz that my lic is suspendent,that way I'm there to help my ex wife to tees the car Chrysler sibling convertible black 98,the charges me a lot of thing then told me just go Saturday to court,and when I'll go to court he report different car a mer2007 ,and a everything that he reapportionment is lie,start may 10 2010 until now,they want me to play guilty for things that never do,long story to be short,they say they don't understand me,pls help me to ,they make me stupid,I'll got 6loveable kids,I'll go to jail coz they want me to pay big money,I got force to do stupid things that I don't want,I'll than it,steal to pay,but never hurt no body,,but I'll go to jail and been probation for 1and half years,go to rehab ,I'll pay for the thing that I've done,now they trying to deport me coz they say I'll do convicted criminal opences ,never hurt nobody went to jail which it ryt coz I'll broke jewelry store,but my only question why they don't understand me,and never give me my freedom to speak,they violet my freedom,to say the true,coz I'll got translator why they still don't understand,and why they always reschedule everything I show my ibednce,.pls its,I don't want to do something bad with other,and this country or land of good people loveable people ,they diforthing me Canadian government,Canadian are loveable specially dogs animals, even they care for there feeling ,feel,side of justice,is blande folded,eye cover,so it will be diliever or give the ryt disistion,balance,coz real justice listen both side,not just to here,then believe,she or he listen to feel,justice don't believe ryt away what eyes see and ear,justice see,and feel it,ear then feel it,then it will be balance,and that's the real Canadian law
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Canada Law
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
One more thing can they deport person make mistake,and then go to jail to pay that mistake that he been done,can they you criminal even you never hurt anybody for that sin I've done,
Expert:  Debra replied 1 year ago.

Are you saying that you have been charged with an offence and that you aren't being permitted to have a translator with you at the trial?

What city and province do you live in?

Expert:  Debra replied 12 months ago.

First you would rate me.

Then you would go to the same page you used to post this question.

But when select the category you should choose bankruptcy law.

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