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I was charged with misleading police and I still really

Customer Question

I was charged with misleading police and I still really don't understand . I was going to dinner with my Husband when we were hauled over by police . Everything was legal, so we were baffled . they get his papers and say "is this your vehicle ? " He says yes , they said he has an outstanding warrant and take him away .There is about 6 police with 3 vehicles at least . people are coming out of their homes now wondering what in the ?? we did . One cop was especially intimidating and I felt... threatening , he starts on me "WHAT"S YOUR NAME ! , I was saying why ? , I didn't do anything , I don't understand what's going on . He kept on , so I blurted out the wrong first name , =knowing I have nothing to harassed about,just hoping he would stop harassing me and tell me what it was for . Another police calls me by my name ( He must have asked my husband ) and I said yes ? The cop that was harassing me says " Get outta the car , You are Under arrest . He slaps handcuffs on me as tight as he can . takes my purse , phone and wallet and starts searching through it and tosses it in our vehicle . A woman cop then shows up , searches me , puts me in her car and drives me to the Halifax police station . I could see through the plexi glass that she is bantering back and forth making jokes on her computer about my arrest . She jumps out and leave me alone in a sweltering car for about a half hour , it seemed forever in the heat . They then fingerprinted me etc. I still wasn't sure what was going on . I was very stressed and confused . In the end they charged me with blurting out the wrong first name ,that once, when I done nothing to be harassed for . I feel that they went way overboard on a person that hadn't done anything , I was humiliated , confused , stressed crying and made physically uncomfortable ..all to what end ?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Ulysses101 replied 1 year ago.

Hello, thank you for the question.

I understand that this was stressful for you, especially in the heat of the moment.

You gave them a false first name, right? But the correct last name?

Can you tell me more about why you gave a false first name? Was it your middle name? Why did you pick that name?

Don't tell me the name or any specific details that can identify you.

What have you been charged with exactly? And what is your court date? Is there a separate date for fingerprinting/photographing at the police station? Check your paperwork carefully.

And for what was your husband arrested under the warrant?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I knew I had did nothing wrong and he was really abrasive , I just wanted him to tell me why and he just kept on in his threatening matter , so I blurted out the 1st name that came to my mind so he would stop badgering and tell me what the problem was, the other cop said my name right after and I was more compliant because it wasn't harassing , he wouldn't tell me why he had to have my name , he was freaking me out . I didn't tell him a last name , he tried to say later on that I did , but I didn't. Well ,my husband was charged assault against me (Not by me ) long ago and he went to court a couple times and the court lawyer and the last date he was called and told it was adjourned or something and they never gave him another date , so he thought it was done . He tried calling and never got a call back . After that we worked things out and we did not know of any problem . My date is Sept 13/16 Misleading police . The girl cop was talking to me about breach , but I had never been charged of anything ,or been told to stay away from him and we never got back together till after the court stuff anyway . I think since they couldn't charge me with that , they were obviously mad , so they had to charge me with something . In this province also , you can not even leave a dog in a vehicle unattended in the heat , it is against the law , but people are okay ? I got finger printed , pictures everything before they gave me my charges and court date paper. Really is their any reason why the police have to be so brutal and callous to someone under those circumstances ? . I seen hard criminals get treated better
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I only have 1 paper

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