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After answering an ad saying dog available to good home and

Customer Question

After answering an ad saying dog available to good home and emailing and texting the wife never the husband because I was told he was too upset about having to let him go because over the 16 months they had the dog their 5 yr old son developed allergies that got so bad they were forced to rehome King but they were screening very closely. I happened to be looking for a companion dog as I am fully retired with no wife and kids. Kin is not just any dog, believe me. He is the pick of the litter Cane Corso and he has had obedience as well as k9 training. And he gets along with children (they have 2) and other dogs and people. I think if someone was nice enough to him 5he could lure him away...:) but not for Since I drove down to Brampton last Wednesday to pick him and his metal collapsible kennel we have been together 24/7 including my bed where he starts at night but goes to the floor. Only a full dbl bed. In the interim I wanted to know the contract rules the breeder had written. She said no breeding....ok.....and no neutering?? If i am neutering him I'm not breeding him....but there is a 25% of the value fee this case canadian. Dog originated in the us. Anyway she didn't know that....i got upset that they wanted another 900 can or but I wanted time to think...and research. He doesn't have to be cut if 8 never leave him and I schedule regular screenings for cancer. I love this dog and he loves all the love and attention he gets from me. Anyway the woman, as I said the man and I have never spoken or messaged, said she paid it and they want the dog back and if they can't find medicine for the son her brother wants to take him or the father on his farm but I was told he travels a lot for business and even as I write this he is in PEI and the husband is gone AHEAD to Jamaica for a wedd8ng, he will take the kids and his wife has stayed back in Brampton to "sort all this out" and come here to pick him up and refund me and also pay for the 2 big bags of food and 6 anti-inflammatory pills that he needed because he was limping after the trip and the next day and I was concerned. I said I would pay the visit fee because I sort of agreed because they are King's family and they have had him from birth.......but.......i left there last Wednesday with the dog, oh and a had to rush down because she had the home sprayed and the dog was at the kennel. So i rented a truck at a 7:45am drove to Brampton spent time with the woman....found out the price quoted in the ad was American so I had to go to the atm for more money which I did and got on the road. He looked back at her frantically until she 2as out of sight and from that m9ment on we started to bond. Be aware that i was the 9ne they truly believed could and would give this dog all the love, attention and care that it needs and deserves. This is a very big deal and after a long week..:) I am wondering...what are my rights legally. Thank you for reading this. And the woman will tell you it's all true though at this moment she 8s waiting for her father to return and they are coming here coincidentally to pick up her brother at Garrison Petawawa and today she said it would not be before Saturday.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Debra replied 1 year ago.

I'm sorry to hear of this very difficult situation. Your post is very, very long. Is the bot***** *****ne that you were sold this dog and it was a final sale and now for various reasons they wish to change their mind?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thanks for your response. Yes it seemed that way and since I wrote to you we have agreed that if I pay the 900 dollars we are ok. If you don't have to charge me I would be grateful. Now I've paid 2000 dollars for the dog but he is as they say.....priceless! Steve Virgo retired
Expert:  Debra replied 1 year ago.

I can ask the site to provide you with a refund.