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I am a US citizen and years old. I have a BA, MA and PhD 1)

Customer Question

I am a US citizen and 69 years old. I have a BA, MA and PhD
1) I got landed immigrant status in Canada May 1968 and I lived and worked in BC on and off until August 1977 when I went to Africa to do development work. I have heard that I can reclaim my "landed immigrant" status if I am willing to reside in Canada for two years without any social services (health insurance etc.).
a. Is this correct?
b. Is it possible that a "kind" immigration officer could waive this requirement and just re-instate by status immediately?
c. If so, what is the requirement for "staying in Canada"? (Continuous 730 days or what?)
2) The self-employed "artist" classification looks like it might be easier and more natural for me. I have several books and CD's that have been published. I also have a children's book that is completed but not yet published and a novel that is in the early stages of writing.
3) I could also consider teaching at a university or a training school. (I have taught for the last 6 years at a university in China)(I have no job offers so far.)
4) My wife is an accountant and we might also consider getting her a student visa to bring her skills into line with Canadian / BC requirements and to top up her English (her English is weak).
Please share any thoughts you might have regarding the above.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Debra replied 1 year ago.
Thank you for your question. I have one question myself before I can answer. Can you let me know whether you were working for a Canadian employer when you were doing your work in Africa?
Expert:  erwin-cssm replied 1 year ago.
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