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I work Food Group: Save On Foods. My position is Customer

Customer Question

I work for Overwaitea Food Group: Save On Foods. My position is Customer Service Specialist (CSS) Kitchen Dept. It is a new position and this position has no official job description yet. My Store manager has approached me twice to inform me that he wants me to oversee 3 sub departments. They are Starbucks Coffee, the kitchen (buffet, pizza, hotcase (roticery chicken ect) Salad Bar, and too go foods (preped sandwiches, and preped entree's)) and the Deli Department. All these sub department are managed by one manager then the Deli Department has a Deli Assistant manager (Senior Specialist) then a third or second assistant manager; CSS.
The Kitchen and Sarbucks are new programs for Save On Foods and when these departments opened in the begining of May 2016 we had personal from our head office in Lagley BC come and help with training and those personal told myDept Manager who oversees all of this that the Kitchen would have a separate Senior Specialist and a separate CSS and they would only oversee the Kitchen and Starbucks. Now that the personal from head office are done the training and have left, my store manager has since approched me that he wants me to oversee it all like the dept manager (but not using that wording). My question is because head office has not posted any official job description for my position can he enforce this even though my Department manager, Kitchen Senior Specialist Assistant Dept manager and the personal from head office are against this.
I Live and work in Edmonton, Alberta.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Debra replied 1 year ago.
Are you in a union?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Expert:  Debra replied 1 year ago.

Have you gone to the union yet?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I'm writing my greavenses I'm talking to because my greavenses are more than one and I want to know if this is something I should pertain to the manager or the company. Sorry I realize I didn't make that clear.
Expert:  Debra replied 1 year ago.

You can complain to the manager but if the manager won't help you then you do have to grieve.

There is no lawful way for you to take on the employer yourself because you are in a union.

So try for sure but if you cannot resolve this through the manager then make sure the union is going to assist you at once.

Do you see what I mean?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Okay thanks
Expert:  Debra replied 1 year ago.

You are very welcome.

If we are done please rate me before you leave the site so that I can receive credit for my work.

Thanks and take good care.