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I am having trouble with my lawyer so from the beginning she

Customer Question

Hi I am having trouble with my lawyer so from the beginning she was supposed to wait until I had gotten some money from my ex-husband I'm for payment and then I am so things kind of took a lot longer than we thought when I first met her she said two weeks before the payment and now who knows it's been seven months and she hasn't gotten me a dime however she has charged she's verbally told me that my bill is between 30 and $40,000 and she's never even given me a written invoice five days before my trial she told me that I needed to give her between 20 and $30,000 or she would not work on my file any longer so I Chyna copped out made an agreement so I could have some assets to sell my ex husband is a doctor and so he I thought maybe he would help me with the legal fees but again he won't so anyway so I said OK I'm going to my marital home if you can P my legal fees and provide me with some money per month to live and I am so so he so that's what we did with me to Jill just so I could simply So I could simply pay her anyways so he paid some money to her and send money to me in a trust and she has given me a portion of my money and she's keeping the rest even though I told her that that I wasn't that that wasn't but OK and that he would pay her at a later time more money than we had discussed and again after for a bill she still not given me a bill so I'm got a bill and she's still telling me that I need to take care of my legal fees that again My husband ex-husband had sent me legal bills he sent me 3 to 4 proposals his bill is 8000 what can I do
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Debra replied 1 year ago.

Your post is very hard to follow. It is riddled with typos and I cannot honestly say that I have understood it all.

Is this what you are saying?

Your lawyer agreed to take payment when you got some money, but things took longer and the hours that she worked on your file increased and increased and then before trial she was worried because you owed her a considerable amount of money and wanted to be paid a good part of it before going on to trial.

I honestly do not know how you got the money, but it sounds like you perhaps got it from your ex-spouse. And for some reason this money was paid to your lawyer who was supposed to hold it all in trust but now your lawyer does not want to release the funds because your lawyer wants to be paid first. But for some reason your lawyer has failed to render a bill.

Is this all correct?