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Separated from common law after 28 years moved to opposit

Customer Question

Separated from common law after 28 years moved to opposit end of same building. Have file #s on him. Made audio, video for Peace Bond. Now next door with others all of a sudden are spying on me I'm been followed & police believe I'm mental unstable? Have no freinds to help prove, help advice. What I'm hearing can only come from one person him. No one else knows about but him & Drs know. Help what do I do next.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Ulysses101 replied 1 year ago.

Hello, thank you for the question.

Have you been diagnosed with any mental illness? Why do the police think you're unstable?

You say that the doctors know, are these medical doctors that you've talked to about this?

Can you tell me more about how you know you're being spied upon?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Sorry don't know if you got that call at(###) ###-#### ***** give me 5 mins so I can leave the building to talk. Please asp
Expert:  Ulysses101 replied 1 year ago.

I don't do phone calls because this is a US site and it's not a law firm. Calling is against my provincial law society's rules.

You'll have to reply to me through the site in writing.

I didn't call that number you typed, and I'm not at that number so if you called it I don't know what you're hoping to accomplish.

If you want to discuss this outside of your home, then take your computer elsewhere. It's up to you.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
sorry new at I-pad.
I don't know why the police think I'm unstable or hearing things.
I have a family history of depression ( proof no longer) migranes take 12 pills of 10 mg Morphine a month for years, past 10 years insomnia fully Functionable my phychiatrist is amazed how well I can. Every time I have made a report with them about Barry he's told lies I have proof, I follow up get no where. He threatened my life knowing it would get back to me I reported it. He was told by officer no contact it gose on. I finally made audio video file with police for a peace bond.
He went to Veron his sisters, came back with a fancy car. I keep to my self, he's got a big mouth I find out more about what's happening in my home from the question people in the building who know me as I am a active volunteer in Maple Ridge where I live. Living room is facing front door on left of front door of building, Windows blinds always open. I'm in the open ( knowing him Barry, warned me be careful you can get kicked out of the Legion. Building I've lived in since 2006 it was perfect I thought opposit ends all I can afford. I'm on disability $590. Month) lady next door parks next to him. I now own his van. Finally got title, then his lies to the police started he treated my life. I reported it. With follow ups he told the police we hadn't talked in weeks title change of van proves me right, it's snowballing from there .I live next door to her Aug will be a year. No problems till last month got alone fine. She admitted She wasn't use to having some one out on the deck out side, among other things. She's lonely & dosnt have any better to do, & I thought I had insomnia .She is hard of hearing she says. Bathroom & bedroom walls together. Since last month I'm in the bathroom her & male voice ( have allergies listen to Regga music a couple of puffs of weed out of a pipe) spend most nights on coach t.v on. Blinds closed, bedroom binds & curtains. I roll over 4.00 am 4.30am her male voice (who's been living there for weeks) I hear talking, I go to bathroom lights on I can here them faintly talking. There's was a mirror hanging on the wall in front of the bathroom cupboard I could hear look look. Bedroom blinds curtains closed same night there outside next to window is big file cabnit next long Mirrrow ( I had a open house on May 7 th 51 birthday for all in building I new she was here) next to file cabnit I carefully was talking the mirror down. My hearing is good she's saying look she's taking down the mirror.... How did she know. I am slowly finding out the ways I'm been followed at night & have taken step inside. But go to bathroom with light off forget talking a shower. Don't feel safe changing in the bedroom,created a blind spot so I can change. Only made things so much worse. For days this male voice explained to her what I was really doing. Now problems with land line hang up or they use the front door buzzer so I can't call out. This past week I'm been followed when I drive or (just got my first cell phone, I wasn't allowed before) I step out side to use the phone I'm followed. Driving three different cars on Saturday I'm sitting parked (tryed to recorded them) I see silver s.u.v ( I ve seen ignored when I go out) black car then red car which turn the corner real fast ( trying to get plate #) I have so much but no proof. The fact she knows I was at C.R.E.S.S.T , I'm unstable ( cause I walk around talking to my fish my self & I was very happy) I'm on drugs morphine, cocaine (Barry) I'm doing god knows what else but standing at the front door spreading this. Bathroom & bedroom is main concern.
Expert:  Ulysses101 replied 1 year ago.

OK, I'm sure you have reasons to feel put upon. But I want you to try to be really objective about your situation.

Nobody is going to arrange cars to follow you. Why would they? What could they possibly stand to gain?

Similarly with hearing your neighbour; what could they or their ex possibly hope to gain by surveilling you? It sounds like all the family issues have been resolved. Or not?

It's unfortunate that you're still in such close proximity to your ex. But I want you to seriously consider that you might be exhibiting paranoia and possibly hallucinating.

Have you told your doctors about your neighbour and about being followed?

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