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I was charged with storical assault by my ex wife in October

Customer Question

Hi. My name is***** was charged with historical assault by my ex wife in October 2015. I am absolutely not guilty. I've been out on bail since. My bail conditions are house arrest. Its been 8 months now. The crown attorney wont vary my bail conditions unless I plead guilty.
It seems unlawful to me that I cant get a job and be a productive, supportive father and taxpayer unless I plead guilty. I've served 2/3 of a year under house arrest with no problems. The crowns tactics here seem to be underhanded. They are holding me prisoner to get the plea they want. Your advice is GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Daniel Freudman replied 1 year ago.

If the Crown is refusing to vary your request for a bail variation, then you (or your lawyer) can bring a bail variation application to the Supreme Court. You will have to show there has been a material change in circumstances or the JP made an error in law when imposing your bail terms. In this case, the change in circumstances could be that you've shown a proven ability to comply with your bail terms and cannot get a job without the variance.

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