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There I was married 15 years when I got separated from my

Customer Question

Hi there
I was married for over 15 years when I got separated from my wife. A legal agreement was signed and on her confirmation that she will not use this agreement to take money from me as I dont have money, she agreed and we wrote in the separation agreement Child Support 443 $ a month and Spousal support 1057$. Then she withdrew FRO letter as well. I tried to convince her not to break family for the sake of children and even spent 57,000 dollars to renovate the house. She also got US$ 44,000 (mentioned in separation agreement) as a Mehr as per Islamic law. All this made me bank corrupt and I could not pay even my credit cards which were used to renovate the house for her and children. I was never allowed to stay in that house.
I am now living for 2 years in Dubai with very little earning without seeing kids for 2 years. However in 2016, I manage to earn some money and was sending directly to my daughters for their expanses. My one daughter is 18 years now and one is 16 and son is 7 years old now.
Recently she allowed me to see the kids and I traveled to canada and saw the kids and came back. She did not cooperate to solve issues to make the family running again as a normal family.
As soon as I came back to Dubai, she sent me email threatening that I should pay all money else she would go to FRO and get my passport suspended. I am now in dilema. This issue may make my children lose their father for ever and it will destroy my life as well as I dont have money and can not pay she is asking. Please note that I wrote this money in separation agreement base don her promise that she will not ask this money and will try to fix things only and it is just a protection or satisfaction for her.
Can you please advise what are my options now. I dont wnat my children to lose their father. I also like to do something for my children education but forcing me a specific payment will make me get destroyed completely.
your urgent advice is appreciated.
Asam Javed
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Debra replied 1 year ago.
I don't understand. Why would you have to agree to anything in the separation agreement if she was agreeing not to ever enforce it?

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