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Gregory Kiosis 216 Woodstock.Ontario N4S-6H8 These

Customer Question

Gregory Kiosis
These Questions will be an itemized overview of events.
Labor related
1/Asked to take time out from my employment under undefined circumstances.Nov/05/14
2/Employers refusal to regain entry in employment unless a MD's letter was provide.
3/A GP's letter was submitted,but rejected and a request forwarded as to a review of over all physical and mental condition.
Financial liability drawn forward
1/Nov/05/14 forwarding to a time out as of Mar/10/15 exhausting short term and Holidays including accumulated time.To be redirected to long term disability as to two parts.Part 1/addressed with overview within the first week and part 2/To be addressed as to review to assess as to the attending physicians statement with clauses attached.
2/What transpired forward was Public mischief forwarding at work and drawing into my personal life at home and finances.
3/Areas included.,personal property,keys, personal Id removed, also pertaining to work,Important documentation ,legal papers,personal information,my A.D.T security service exploited and cancelled as of result to false alarms and public mischief and many other insignificant items leading into my July/Aug/2015 hospitalization which was directly as a result of false reporting by public policing and forwarded on to legal authorities which resulted in a three week restraint in the mental health unit.
$4/This lead to an overall misdiagnosis and the condition at the apparent time of arrival.Resulting in a support to legal authorities but left the medical profession unable to commit to forwarding a diagnosis to claim and thus the file being closed in September2015.This left me in a financial crisis.
5/Forwarding towards the new year ."The at the time" C.E.O retired and left me working through alone and at that, consuming my financial reserve of my own accord with many cancellations misleading directions.Straight forward(A STALL) at my very own expense.
6/Leading to the present.May2016
I have contacted the local legal system and they told me they do not handle these kinds of circumstances but made direction to a legal entity on a larger scale,possibly a firm that can address this issue.I am looking for direction in this field.
7/The press forward would concern the filed and noted log which would damage my reputation,independence to live a independent life style.meaningful employment and a meaningful relationship with friends and family including a financial burden.Could you find time to direct me in a reputable manner with in the boundary of our area.
With Thanks
Gregory Kiosis
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Debra replied 1 year ago.
I am not really sure what you are asking for. Are you asking how to find a reputable lawyer?