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I was charged with 3 counts of credit card fraud under $5000,

Customer Question

I was charged with 3 counts of credit card fraud under $5000, approx. ten years ago. It took over a year and a half to go to trial. I proved my innocence of the matter. the trial was a joke the arresting officer was the head of organized crime in unmentioned city. this all happened while I was at work. employers policy was that No long distance calls. which meant I was unable to call the credit card company when irregularities came up on the cards. with in a month of working there I was held up twice. in which I demanded more security cameras, which they happily installed. the owners were able to watch from any internet connection.
so when it came to trial they edited the video with just myself and the ones that used the cards. btw this happened over three days. it was not unusual for people to spend ridiculous amounts on what was sold there. but back to the video, the first time they came in and picked up a stupid amount of things. cards went through everything was fine, I really thought things were fine cuz my manager new these guys. they are regulars, buddies with my boss. day 2 they came in three or four times and picked up more stuff cards worked we all chatted with the other regulars of the place and the other staff members. the third day irregularities came up so I called the manager over cuz I could not call and find out what was up with the cards. and my manager some how made the cards work?
I still don't have a clue of what he did to get it to go through. anyway all of this was one video except my manager and how the officer figured I was the one that committed fraud. all he did was hold up a card from 20 feet away and asked if this card would work? I said I don't know lets try it. and I guess that constitutes fraud. like I said it was not unusual for people to not bring ID or use six different cards just to purchase one item. it was more normal than not. I did nothing wrong and proved it in court I was just doing what I was trained to do. the judge said this would never show up anywhere on my record not that I had one to begin with.
while I was awaiting trial I obviously was fired from that job, lost my apartment, lost my girlfriend, pets, and most possession. I feel into one hell of a depression. I went to welfare and they told me to lie to employers about my charges. I said I cant do that cuz then if they found out I would be fired again or charged for a different kind of fraud. they didn't like my answer so they gave me like 600 bucks for 2 months of living expenses and told me I would be on my own cuz I wouldn't lie to a potential employer. I ended up living in the streets for I think it was 6 days then I ran into a friend and they made me stay with them for a few months. but my depression got the best of me and I slowly turned into an unbearable dick to everyone around me. burnt bridges over stayed my welcomes with others that tried to help me out. had to move in with my mom. for a 30 year old well did not help the moodswings. and to this day I don't go an hour with out thinking of how shitty my life became and the great people I burned on my downward spiral. Im wondering its been so long is there anything I can do? I am scared and f**ked up by the whole thing. Not to meantion I was in the middle of a divorce with a child involved, boom win win for the ex wife. I did not get to see my boy for almost two years because of this shit. I was so close to suicide but I had to prove to myself and son and mom I was no criminal.
I have a new family now wife two kids, things are getting better but this situation hinders me from handling cash or cards. I loved working retail the pay sucked but I enjoyed the people. not so much anymore I am very much a home body and rarely do I seek interaction with others. it sucks for my kids cuz I distrust people so much now. Ive been through counselling to try and stop the thoughts and deal with it all. but I cant shake it.
I also know money wont help but I know money is all that matters to my ex employer. I don't know any other way of showing how much they f**ked me and my family over by not protecting and training their employees. Ive been back once five years later and I was escorted out by said manager. sorry for such a long story but it really don't make much sense with out explaining the situation.
Thanks so much for reading and thank you for your anticipated answers even if its not what I want to hear.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Debra replied 1 year ago.
I am sorry to hear this but perhaps this is because your post is so very, very long but what is your actual question? Could you explain clearly what legal information you are looking for?

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