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My landlord did a rent to own. He called me to rent the house

Customer Question

My landlord did a rent to own. He called me to rent the house as I did not want to live where the home was. I went and seen it and my husband wanted to rent it has I had a huge shop off the home. I was not happy with the home as it was uncompleted. Only room completed with the bathroom up stairs. I have lots of pictures of this home. I was promised new front window when I moved in, Fix the walkway as it was a hazard. Holes were 1inch deep, you could trip. Reason this happened because Tyler and Devin Doherty said they would look after this issue. Eves where going to be put up on the house and Garage. It took them 15 months. We had the fire Marshall come to the house and it did not pass inspection papers to proof this. They called and again I was nice and said that I would not tell on them but the protocol had to be done to sell the home. My husband stopped the problem by putting blue barrels under the uncompleted eves. We started to call him on the promises and issues with the home. They got married and Tyler father passed so again we were patient as we have compassion for others. Then they came to us and said 17 months in that they had to sell the house as they could not afford two homes. I was upset as it was a rent to own and he was doing no work on it. I again said this is a rent to own Tyler? We never got that in writing as I am a trusting person to others. Tyler said sign another 18 months rental agreement and then you can buy the house if you want. I believed he was a good boy but leant later they were just taking advantage of my good nature. This kids are 26 and 24 I believe. We are 55. Nothing was done in the summer of 2015 The yard was a mess with no grass at all in back yard as their dog just ruined it. We spent a whole summer cleaning the yard and all the mess they left when Tyler cut trees down and just put them on the firer lane for Bradwell. We planted grass spent our money on this. Lots of expensive water bills to make it grow. Again thinking the kids would do as they promised. They had ever excuse for us and always using their parents illness or what ever was good at the time. Next thing I know we are asked to buy the house and she is getting appraisal done by this young lad that had no I.D. on he was a appraisal I think it was one of their friends. I asked for the paper work on this twice to give it to the bank but never was given it. I had it appraised at 150 no more than 170 was very fair I offered 180. I did this because me and my husband has really good neighbours and friends their as we lived their almost 3 years. I had a guy come and told me 30000 to do the house not what a wanted to finish it. I want 50000 it would cost and done for ever. When it came down to buying the house they wanted 220,000 and I laughed and said we gave you 14 hundreds a month for 12 months now 18 months. His wife said no and that is what they wanted and no rent to own. I was surprised and hurt we had fixed and worked hard on their property always keeping everything so nice. It is January 2016 now and we let them know we are going to Florida and will get back to them when we get home. We said we would be back in our letter on March 282016 we did not get back until April 4 do too weather problems. Driving a RV with Harleys on the back. We are leaving in Feb 8 2016. I receive a notice to vacate as they had to fix the house up for sale. We have to be out by March 30 2016 We are not going to be in Canada then. So we moved out Feb 1 2016 as we had no alterative. They tried to pressure us and making us buy their home. Again dealing with young greedy children that want everything for nothing. Our boys and in their 30 and we just discussed with this. The home is*****Bradwell Saskatchewan. Tracks were 30 feet from house and cracked the ceiling down the middle of the whole house. They moved it in 5 years ago it is a modular home put on a foundation basement. The lot was one. With double Garage still not done. We just want our deposit back as I left the home very clean and did windows, oven, Frig left it beautiful pics of this. Better then when I moved in. Have asked for this back, on three occasions filled out landlord tenant papers for rent return. Also he has called the police on us. We just wanted our outer gazebo frame and lights back with our stone we bought for our firer pit. Now he willnot let us get this with police on stand by as he will charge us with trust passing. What can I do and is this a civil sue or small claims. I want clean up fees, Water and grass seed, Rental of a saw, rental of trailer to haul the trees away. Three day steady with my boys, pain and suffering, paid back for the things he has. This is all done because we wouldnot let them rip us off. Our bank cannot give you money if the house isnot worth it. Please help as this is a moral thing and just wrong. Gina Tysick can you give me a number to a lawyer in Saskatoon,Saskatchewan as I just moved here and cannot find a number
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Debra replied 1 year ago.
We cannot provide specific referrals. I can answer your question about whether this should be in Small Claims Court or not but I first need to know how much you believe you are owed.

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