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I and my business partner have a small business, but the business

Customer Question

I and my business partner have a small business, but the business was only in my name bcoz I pay check and my business partner pay cash. my business partner is in payrol. lately, my business partner fight with his wife, bcoz the wife is shoppepaholic... so, now they have a condition. my business partner not allowed to go home or they are not allowed to talk and see each other. despite that, coz the woman go crazy when her husband don't go home, she do everything use their kids, call 10 times a day until he goes home, so, the husband no choice but go home late at night and leaves early in the morning. when he lives he come and continue to sleep and take shower in my place for 8 months while the case is not done. He is supposed to go home in his brother's home. but when the wife gets mad he gives in until they are caught. violation of their condition. All the blame and fault was given to the man. Since then, the man don't listen to the wife anymore, also, the wife is scared that the man will leave her after the case, so, the wife wants another baby to keep his husband. but the husband don't like. Since then, the wife is accusing and harrasing me, calling me bad words she even come in my store yelling to his husband and me. before, coz I have a phobia in driving, the husband pick me up and drop me off anyway it's his way home and my place is 10 mins. walk from my store. now i take the bus or walk. but still this woman sending me hurtful messages in FB, i block her already.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Debra replied 1 year ago.
I am sorry to hear all of this. But I don't really know what you are asking. Are you asking about how to deal with her harassing you?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Yes, how to deal with her and can I Sue her? i share in the gas and maintenance of her husband car because we use in the business and she don't want me to ride in their. she said she will call the police and the child society. everyday she is coming in my apartment or hiding somewhere around here watching me and if i see her about 7-10 m away she gave me the f**k sign. i just ignore. she also send me message that she don't like to see me in her husband store! by law, i am only the soleproprietor of the business. one thing I found out why they don't want to be in the paper is that their 3rd kid is a special child and for that, they are taking good money from the government-disability claim... and they are fighting about it too! the check is under the womans name and she claims that it's here money so she can spend or send some of it to her family back home!
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Last year, i already gave them the option to buy the business from me, but they don't want to be in their name... like, they don't want to lost the disability claim and the husband had a bad accident before and they live in a government housing and he filed bankruptcy... another reason I find out why they don't want the government know they have a business. because I'm so nice and I don't complain, they want to have the business alone but they want to hide from me... I mean, leave the business in my name... but I don't want too! if I take my money, i will leave with my name... what can you advice me to do? i'm stressed about this aside from the work 7 days a week, 11-11 only one day off for each year... we will 3 yrs this December.
Expert:  Debra replied 1 year ago.
You can call the police on her and state that she is harassing you to the point you cannot work or enjoy your life and that you want her warned if not charged.If the police agree to charge her she will then be placed under a restraining order. If that doesn't work in the sense that the police say this is not criminal harassment start keeping an accurate log of each time she does any of this. The other thing you can do is retain a lawyer to send her a cease and desist letter threatening a lawsuit.You can sue her for damages for harassment and also for a restraining order if necessary.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I'm not yet satisfied with the answer. You already charged me $5 + $58 = $63?
Expert:  Debra replied 1 year ago.
You are misunderstanding how the site works. First, when you speak to me you are not speaking to the site. I do not work for the site. I log into the site just the way you do and I see a list of questions and choose which to answer. If you have a concern about the site you must speak to customer service as I have no authority here whatsoever. Also, this is not a free site and you could not access my answer without first paying. But if you are later just satisfied with the answer you may request a refund. I certainly hope you don't do that because I am working very hard to help you and I cannot afford to work for free.