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I had a contract with a gym with a lifetime rate that never

Customer Question

i had a contract with a gym with a lifetime rate that never changed, a new owner bought the gym, changed the name and then started taking out more money from account each month, i have never signed anything with this new gym and went in to talk to them and when i told them i never received anything about a rate change or new owners the guy yelled at me to get out so i left, now they are looking for money as i stopped payments to them if i never signed anything with them can they still come after me for payments
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Debra replied 1 year ago.

When did this happen?

How many payments to be taken before you stop them is to mark

What do they say you owe them?

Have a send you a demand letter or a statement of claim?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
i just received a call from a representative of theirs and he is calling me back in half an hour
i talked to them the end of January and they took out the payment for February i noticed the increase i went to speak to them about it telling them i was never notified i stopped payment that day when the guy behind the counter yelled at me to get out they dont need my kind in there, so one payment was missed to them for March i am not sure what to say to the guy on the phone ihave nothing signed with this company and definatley nothing about the higher rate
Expert:  Debra replied 1 year ago.

Just one more question. When he said you kind was not needed did that refer to your race, gender, age, sexual orientation or just that you were complaining?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
i think just because i was complaining about he increase in the monthly rate
Expert:  Debra replied 1 year ago.

They are clearly in breach of their contract with you and they simply had no authority what so ever to remove more funds from your account over what you authorized them for.

And they are required to allow you to continue with the contract (if you so desire) until you no longer wish to do so.

I suggest you tell the this and tell them that otherwise you are happy to have a court decide.

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