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I must hoping you may be able to help our family with

Customer Question

Good Morning Tom My name is***** and I must hoping you may be able to help our family with concerns over ownership of the Mount Pleasant plot in which my father and mother's remains and ashes are buried.
Basically were informed upon inquiry 2 weeks ago that this plot is now owned by a Stan Donald and all matters should be referred to him.Edmonton Cemeteries understandably wouldn't give his I contact information to us however she seemed willing to pass on a request to him regarding placement of ashes.
Legal Aspects
This is a very old family plot.My Grandfather (Frank Cowles I ) was a Strathcona Councillor, first pharmacist in area etc and was a shareholder in the Strathcona Company.My father (Frank Cowles ll )was buried in 1965, my mother's ashes in 1990. The effective executor of my Grandmother's estate wrote into Mount Pleasant /Beechmont directing any matters pertaining to the plots be directed to my father's brother and myself.My last contact with Max/ Mount Pleasant /Beech mont was Sept 13,1991 and I was assured ( again ) that we were of file etc. I gave him my updated address (same as present).
Over 2 weeks here I've tried to talk with Terry at Beechmont,I understand she's good and we'll intentioned but is seems overworked - she has phoned once and I was at work.Ive asked her to call on days I'm not working (like today ) and I've not had a call to chat or set up an appointment.
Tom my question is this : My Mother was executor of my father's estate and I'm executor of my Mother's. Supported by relevant documentation can I go in to view the records at Beechmont to see what's been done here ?
Thank you kindly for any help.
Frank Cowles
ph.(###) ###-####cell(###) ###-####
email ***@******.***
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Debra replied 1 year ago.

I am not following the facts.

Are you saying that as far as you know your family has owned the plot for decades and now for some reason you are being told the plot is actually owned by this other person and you don't know why you are being told that?

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