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I am an employee of a production dairy food manufacturing

Customer Question

I am an employee of a production dairy food manufacturing facility. I have 38 years in the industry. I also hold pasteurization certifications since 1986. I am not currently in a maintenance mechanic but am in possession of a red seal certification for millwright/ industrial mechanic. so, by definition I am a tradesman and did my apprenticeship in this facility. I was supposed to obtain a power engineers class 4 certification to be able to fulfill the role of mechanic in the facility to hold the job but was unable to complete the schooling due to ongoing mental illness/ depression. When I felt that I could make another attempt to do the schooling, I approached the maintenance manager (with whom I felt I had a good relationship, at his home, to let him know that I was interested in being part of his team. I told him that I would need his support for the boiler branch for past fire time on my previous experience. He told me he would like to work with me and even called me a "class act", and I applied to the local technical school for admission to the power engineering course. After I'd done this, within a few days I spoke to the maintenance manager to let him how excited I was about future prospects. His response was " I don't really know you". My belief was he had a meeting with the then plant superintendent, with whom I do not have a solid relationship with, and the superintendent derailed my opportunity. This superintendent screws with people from behind the scenes. He does not have a long history in the industry. He has no direct experience with my talents as a mechanic.
Is this professional interference, misconduct, slander, or abuse of position? Could I sue for lost income?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Debra replied 1 year ago.

So are you saying you have now been told that you cannot get this promotion?

And are you still working or are you in school now?

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