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I would like to ask you. I used to work in Jewish

Customer Question

I would like to ask you for advice.
I used to work in Jewish organization, 15 years ago.
Somehow I talked with free lawyer at that time, he told me that I do not have case.
But, unfortunately( I was very upset, my father passed away, and I didn't mention important things, like that my husband made "CHART OF ACCOUNT" for that Jewish organization. I have proof in my hands. But my husband didn't get money for that. That was Cemetary Board. For Congregation ST on Cambie Street Vancouver, lady General Office Manager paid professional CGA agency, you we can find that in books of Congregation. Again, there is proof.
- I found that lady from Congregation, COVER MISTAKES of HER husband at Cemetery.
He used to work at Cemetery in NW. You can check with Mr. Harley Felstein used to be Funeral Directror and my manager.
I was LOYAL to him( Harley F.) they(Mr. Kowarsky lawyer, and Mr. Charles Diamond) decided in package to TERMINATE ME. At that time my husband didn't work, we were NEW COMERS TO CANADA, ESCAPE FROM THE BALKAN WAR, BOSNIA, SARAJEVO, CONC LOGOR AT THE END OF THE 20 CENTURY.
That was worst moment in my life, my father passed away, I didn't have chance to mourn him. We have habit 40 days, after that to try to move on with life.
These Gentlemen, and lady, didn't appreciate my PAIN, AND MY FAMILY.
I was the one who, switched from manual to computerized bookkeeping at S.T. Ce metery, nobody appreciated that. Only they all appreciated what lady G. have done to Congregation S.T. All members, saw only her, and Mr. Kowarsky of course, and Joseph Marciano.
Dear Mr. Rabbi Fuerstin (sorry, if spelling is wrong) left to NY. He was nice man. I enjoyed to see him, and dear *****,(English lady) I learned from her a lot off. But I came with good knowledge, which thought me, my dear friend, who unfortunately committed suicide, after the war.
Could you please tell me, do I have a case?
If I have it, what is the next step?
Thank you very much,
Rada Kulic- Slomovic
I have proof for that in my hands.
for me and my family I forgot
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Debra replied 1 year ago.

I am not able to follow the facts.

Are you asking if you have a case for wrongful dismissal? Did they dismiss you?

If so how long had you worked there for? And when did they dismiss you?

If this is not about wrongful dismissal please start again and take the time to set out what you feel this case is about.

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