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I pay a registration fee son to play hockey. Our

Customer Question

I pay a registration fee for my son to play hockey. Our registration fee includes the cost of ice time for games & team practices, referee fees, register fee with the league, and insurance. They have declared this 'Fundamental Operating Costs'. Makes sense as this is how all hockey associations operate.
The also have Optional Operating Costs which can but not always include team photo, end of year banquet etc. Again, sound just fine to me.
However, Now in the infinite wisdom of the Executive Committee they have decided that in order to save having to employ someone as a gate attendant (collect entrance fees to the game and in turn pay referees) like all other hockey associations in Ontario do, they are making the teams (made up of fully paid registered members) handle their own gate fee. In other words...provide and maintain a cash float of at least $100 dollars for every home game (out of our own pockets), work what was once a paid position, record keeping. And if that wasn't already bad enough...the team is expected to carry the deficit or shortfall throughout the regular season and playoffs. And if, and only if, every
' I' is dotted and every 't' is crossed...they will reimburse the shortfall.
Some teams, because of a missing receipt etc, have had to absorb the loss. In other words, fully paid registered members are technically paying a second time for something that they have already paid for and was included in their membership. Would I be out of line to say this is somewhat of 'double-dipping' as each and every member has already paid at the time of registration so the association already has the money in the bank ? Or at the minimum presumptuous and unethical way to operate a business?
Just appears inappropriate to me on so many levels to me.
Any advise or facts you could give me would be much appreciated.
Hockey registration, plus our own personal hockey expenses (travel, team tournaments, etc) that we freely choose to do is expensive enough let alone having it mandated by an uneducated or business savvy group of people a/k/a our Executive Committee that we have to act as a financial lending service, free workforce , and eat the bill for something we've already paid for if it's not to their approval. Just seems so wrong, and less than ethical way to conduct business.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Debra replied 1 year ago.

I don't know any of the rules or policies of course. But, it sounds to me that this is really about basic contract law. You entered into an agreement where you would pay certain fees. These fees would get you certain services. You are getting the services and you are fully paying the fees. There is no basis for anyone to have to pay anything more or for the association to charge anymore because you have already filled your end of the agreement.

It is also double dipping from what I can gather from the facts though I don't know them all. As well, it is not fair that someone would have to pay for something twice because the recordkeeping wasn't perfect when that person wasn't even in charge of the record keeping.

I suggested as a group you simply say that you are refusing to do this. They have no right to impose new rules and procedures unilaterally specially when only they are getting the benefit and this is to your detriment.