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Im still at loss in regards to my personal health records.

Customer Question

Hi again .
Im still at loss in regards ***** ***** personal health records . As I have mentioned before , the Dr I saw who injured me , during the follow up visits as I describe my pain he writes "pain subsided " on second visit as I cry describing the pain I feel in my face Dr writes patient seems happy . It's this falsifying records ? Altering ? I can't seem to find correct definition . Further more the Dr while on follow up visits provides me with false information in rewards to the product he had used and when I requested in writtinf his statement was the opposite what I was told on the follow up visit .
Please i need help to understand what is the correct definition . In my opinion is falsifying my statements. But not sure .
Thank you .
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Debra replied 1 year ago.

It is not altering the records if he isn't changing his records. And in fact he is lawfully permitted to change his own records.

He is simply falsifying what you are saying to protect himself I assume.

But a court will see through that.

His records have no relevance in your life aside from this issue so they cannot hurt you later on if that is what you are worried about.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you for your answer .
But my confusion is that I have video tape recording of the visits where as i said divcribe my symptoms he writes the opposite , provide me with misinformation in regards ***** ***** product he has injected in my face and tells me that there is nothing he can do to help me but then at the same day he writes patient not cooperating and not willing to accept a treatment .
Then , he prescribes me 13 antibiotics and does not record anywhere in my health records . I was addmited with severe swollen face at hospital and eye swelling and he was on call ordered ct scan and wrote on hospital records pre op sinus surgery . I only had cosmetic filler . Never had sinus surgery in my life .
I have all of the documents .
how could this not be falsifying medical records where we all know medical records tells the history of a patient , such as reason for visits , to describe symptoms and concerns !!!
Isint illegal to falsify my statements and the description of my injury and the symptoms and add to my health records that I have had surgery when I did not have .
Please help me understand .
Thank you so much
Expert:  Debra replied 1 year ago.

I am not saying what he did was correct but I am saying that if you are suing him you will tell this to the court and can prove this with your recordings.

And it is certainly grounds for him to be disciplined by his College.

So you can sue him for damages and file a complaint.

But otherwise I am not sure what more you need to know. The police will not charge him if you are asking about that.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you .
I understand this isn't about police to deal with but I just couldn't understand how can Dr falsify records , misdiagnose and enter false information such as "pre op sinus surgery " when I never had surgery !!!
It has affected my life and my health care because without proper disclosure of the harm it's impossible to receive a proper treatment . Symptoms are the main reason Dr are able to diagnose patients .
He didt disclose the day I was injured in fact he made a statement that It was just reaction when in fact he hit blood vessel and cut a vain . I was fed through liquid foods only .
But main concern for contacting this website was to find out is it falsifying records when you don't diclose the harm and the symptoms of the patient and in fact you write the opposite what the patient has described !!!
And when not on follow up visits Dr stating I saw the patient today but meanwhile I was on the other side of the world .
Thank you again . Yes my recordings are good evidence !!!
Expert:  Debra replied 1 year ago.

He is incompetent and dishonest and so you will sue him and file a complaint and his records won't matter after all that, in the end.

So you have a strong case against him and you have the recordings and eventually you will win and be vindicated and you will find a new doctor who will listen to your complaints honestly and take good care of you.

You are well rid of this terrible doctor.

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