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My mom were t head by a driver on a ll and then within an

Customer Question

My mom were hit head by a driver on a hill and then within an hour sand truck that came to sand hill drove carelessly and hit our vehicle. We both have permanent injuries that have effected our lives drastically...we hired a lawyer who in the beginning seemed compassionate and dedicated to getting settlement to help us with medical bills ; therapy and travel expenses. As there are 4 parties responsible we knew it would take time. Two of them being Ministry of Transportation and the company they hired to maintain our has been over 2 yrs now...our health physically and mentally have deteriated so much... The insurance keeps cutting off treatment then we would get a bit approved...fight more as they would cut us off again..we have documentation to support our injuries...waited 1.5 years for equipment that was required by OT that was important to help our injuries and help us maintain what functions that we still have...we are the victims and do not feel we are getting justice...there is so much misjustice at this point...more details but too much to write now? My question is what are we to do if we feel our lawyer may not be working hard enough and more concern our there payout at the end of this if it ever ends...who can talk with to see if there is better way to resolve and see if what lawyer is doing is neglectful and causing further harm and stress to us...please any advise at this point would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely Maureen
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Debra replied 1 year ago.

I am sorry to hear this.

Your best next step would be to consult with another lawyer face-to-face to get a second opinion. You should be sure to consult with an experienced lawyer and also be very organized when you come for the consultation so bring all the documentation and have it organized very carefully so that you can show the lawyer exactly what has been going on and what has been done and what is to happen next.

Then the lawyer will give an opinion as to whether your lawyer is doing this correctly, whether it can be done more efficiently, what the other options are, and how much this lawyer would charge at least in terms of a retainer and an hourly rate.

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